Who Killed Teddy Bear?

What do you say when you’re being stared down by a teddy bear who has been ripped open and is offering you his own innards? This is how childhood nightmares are created!


The photo was submitted by Subibkae. The ink was done by Denis decaroli at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010.

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P.S. Today is Rachel‘s birthday.  Hopefully I won’t get fired for posting that on ModBlog!  ;)

18 thoughts on “Who Killed Teddy Bear?

  1. @finewithoutyou …i guessed that too..a friend of mine has an official t-shirt from the band with a bear that looks like that. if it is a reference to iwrestledabearonce kudos to the owner for having a nice taste in music xD

    happy birthday to rachel ^_^

  2. Oh wat. VGCats delivers once more. Creepy tattoo, though – that’d probably give me crazy dreams if I was still six.

    Happy birthday, Rachel, and thanks for helping me out over the weekend!

  3. I drew that and its great to see it tattooed so well and that its still doing the rounds- see more stuff @ godmachine.co.uk

  4. How awfully unoriginal to the artist that’s trying to claim this. Unless of course, he did create this and IWRESTLEDABEARONCE bought or had permission to use this design. Aside from all of that shenanigans, it is a really awesome tattoo.

  5. My apologies. It does seem as though the artist created this. I just took a look at the portfolio on their webpage, and I am honestly impressed!

  6. Derp on my behalf, I meant to put “thanks for helping me out over the weekend Jen” in #10. DON’T HURT ME I WAS DISTRACTED BY FOOD. D:

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