Better late than never news

I know it’s been awhile but these posts take some time to prepare and time is something I’ve been short on lately.  Without any further ado, here’s some news from around the globe!

I’ll start with our own bit of press.  Now that the BME World Tour is underway, BME is getting some press.  In this article in the Herald Sun, Rachel is asked to give her opinion about the tattoos of some football players (that’s soccer for you American readers).  There’s a video that goes along with it.  Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video but you can see it here.

In other news…

Remember hypercolor shirts?  No?  Well thanks for making me feel old.  Along the lines of the hypercolor shirt, ThinkGeek has a story up about tattoos that change with your mood.  (Psst, don’t be an April Fool…)

Awhile back I posted a story about a lady arrested for selling “gothic kittens”.  Remember her?   She’s been sentenced to house arrest.

We hear stories about kids who tattooing fairly regularly.  I know they’ve been posted to ModBlog in the past.  Last summer, at Tattoo Hollywood, I photographed Asa Lee Crow getting tattooed by his son.  In the UK, a 3 1/2 year old little girl named Ruby is well on her way to becoming a tattoo artist.  (OK, maybe it’ll be a year or two yet.)

In New York, a “beauty school” adds tattooing to their list of classes offered.

In Calgary, Alberta, some crazy folks are actually paying to be burned and to hang from hooks! (Insert sarcasm emoticon here.)

The Australian has an article up about how the “tattoo fad” is not going to fade away.

This next story is the kind that creeps up every now and then and never carries much detail with it when it does.  Apparently, a woman died of blood poisoning two days after having her tongue pierced.

When I read the following story, I was dumbfounded.  An Indianapolis father was so enraged when he found out his daughter got a piercing that he punched her in the face.  When his wife and his other daughter tried to intervene, he stabbed them.   Because that’s an appropriate reaction, right?

How the tattoo went high street.  I like that title.  This article is about a new documentary film about the evolution of tattoos.  The documentary is titled “Tattoos:  A Scarred History“.  I’d like to see this and very well may just pre-order a copy so I can.

Finally, to end on a light note, here’s a little bit of celebrity news…

Inquiring minds want to know, why is 50 Cent removing some of his tattoos?  People has the answer!  50 has some competition though, seems singer Peter Andre is also getting into the tattoo removal thing.  In Andre’s case, he’s removing the tattoo he got for his ex-wife, Katie Price.  Take that!  Last but certainly not least, the current issue of Entertainment Weekly features an interview with Angelina Jolie.  The cover of the magazine features Angelina exposing her bare back and showing her tattoos.

21 thoughts on “Better late than never news

  1. the woman who died 2 days after her tongue piercing: from what i’ve read in other papers about it she already had bronchial pneumonia coming on when she got her piercing so it is entirely possible the death has nothing to do with the piercing itself.

  2. Oh I love my hometown… I can’t believe they just caught on to suspensions and scarifications now. I think Keith’s being doing that at Tribal Expressions for years.

    CBC fails.

  3. Oh wow, that violent dad is a lunatic.

    I’d really like to see that documentary, too. You should post a review of it once you see it!

  4. i dont like the quote “a tattoo machine is way cheaper than college” from the story about the 3 yr old. yr child is only three years old, what makes you think she will want to be a tattoo artist? maybe she’ll want to be a tattoo artist with a degree? tattooing shouldn’t be seen as a trade that’s easy to get into, that it should be done because it has cheaper upfront cost than school.

  5. I’m sorry, but I think its just ridic that Rachel was on there judging other people’s tattoos. Not as an individual person, of course – everyone judges everyone else and this blog is often loaded with people calling out others for work they consider under par. It just seems out of place for Rachel, as a representative of this community, to go ahead and say things that have an air of ‘your tattoo isn’t good enough’. THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT A QUOTE, but just how it came across when I read it. It just didn’t settle right with me.

  6. The death by tongue piercing story is stupid!!!!

    She had pneumonia, if that’s left untreated of course you can die, and no doubt her body wasn’t strong enough to fight any kind of infection because she was already sick.
    Not to mention the fact she’s obese and probably put breathing difficulties down to her weight.

  7. Sandra, why did you have to bring up the woman’s weight and make a snide remark about her ability to breathe? This community strives for acceptance, yet many of its members are such assholes about the physical appearances of others.

  8. I can’t help but read all the all the stupid comments on the article about suspension and scarification. I’ve been giving most of them thumbs down. Not like it’ll help anything, but it’s fun to let them know that someones doesn’t agree with them.

  9. “When that muscle turns to a big, hard beer gut 20 years from now… he’s probably not going to be super happy.”

    wow what a rad comment…..

  10. re the 3 year old, the boyfriends tattooist has a ‘tattoo machine’ very similar…you put a texta in it. i do believe this is the exact same thing photographed. he does say he is still ‘going to import a special machine from the US designed to suit her tiny hands.’
    i just thought this was funny, because the article never actually mentions she’s not tattooing, although it does say she’s ‘practicing’ in the caption.
    i find the idea of having a play tattoo machine more entertaining haha:P

  11. Thanks for not allowing my post to be seen. It wasn’t inflammatory in any way, it was just disagreeing with Rachel in the article. But hey, what else is new about this site.

    I know you don’t care because I’m not one of your precious IAM customers, but your site just lost yet another reader.

  12. Thanks for not allowing my post to be seen. It wasn’t inflammatory in any way, it was just disagreeing with Rachel in the article. But hey, what else is new about this site.

    I know you don’t care because I’m not one of your precious IAM customers, but your site just lost yet another reader.

  13. The only thing I can think of when I read the comments on the suspension/scarification story is “derp derp derp…”

  14. I work at the studio that Ben Cousins got his stomach done at.
    Besides the fact he is an all round decent guy, the tattooist in question is an amazing artist with almost 30 years experience, and knows his shit when it comes to tattooing. Hes probably the most direct and responsible tattoo artist Ive ever met.
    If he thought it was going to look bad, he wouldn’t have done it that way.
    Making a public statement about your opinion on peoples tattoos is backwards to what this community is trying to achieve, I doubt Ben was trying to impress Rachel when he got his stomach tattooed.

  15. The statement that I can’t “judge other people’s tattoos” because I’m a representative of our community is nonsense. The problem with celebrities and athletes is that they are one of the biggest reasons that people continue to get BAD TATTOOS. The average joe sees a celebrity getting a bad tattoo and thinks that because the celebrity has it, that it must be good or high quality.

    The AFL guys had some of the worst tattoo work that I’ve seen in my life. I’ve literally seen millions of photos of tattoos and I am just calling it like I see it. If anyone is in a position to judge a good tattoo from a bad one, I think that myself, along with any editor from a tattoo publication as large as BME is in the perfect position to do so.

    As far as Cousin’s tattoo, I said it looked like a giant horse shoe from far away. I have seen thousands of stomach rockers that looked good and his didn’t. It literally looks like a giant horse shoe when it could have been really good. The placement could have accentuated his stellar physique but instead it detracted from it. I said that I couldn’t judge the line work from the photograph and was going solely on placement.

    If your artist has been tattooing for 30 years, then he should be able to take the critic from a news outlet and make sure to take that into account if he’s going to be tattooing celebrities.

    As I said in the interviews, I’m not judging the meaning or the reasoning behind the tattoos, only the quality and placement of the work as best as I could.

    If nobody says “HEY THESE ARE NOT EXAMPLES OF GOOD WORK” then the average person will continue to follow in their foot steps. Some of the footie players had good tattoos and for those guys, I said so. I’ve heard plenty of stories of “oh well so and so did the tattoo and he’s good and he’s my best mate” but it doesn’t matter because the average person can’t tell a good tattoo from a bad one.

    nottobecontrary: Your post was held in moderation, not because you were disagreeing with me but because “First moderation” has been and always will be turned on. You’ve never posted a comment or you’re not logged in. As a long time reader, you would know this.

    I had a great time talking about good tattoo work and helping to educate the masses not to follow in the footsteps of their favorite footie players. If I can help prevent people from being stuck with bad tattoos FOR LIFE and help make the tattooed community a better looking one, then I will!

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