One Hour Tattoo – Rhys Gordon

As someone who spends most of their time behind a computer, I don’t get a chance very often to meet tattooers from various ends of the earth. I’ve decided to get a series of tattoos that I’m calling the “One Hour Tattoo” and I hope to make time lapse videos of all of them. The first tattoo I’ve had done is by Rhys Gordon at InnerVision Tattoo in Sydney, Australia. He drew the skull and cross bones while we were chatting for his interview, which we some how managed not to do! He came out a couple days later to visit with us while we were working in Melbourne and I interviewed him there. I’ll wait to tell you more about Rhys when we post his interview for BMEtv.

rhysDue to weird inconsistencies with the “Auto-Play”, I’ve moved the video to behind the jump. Click the image to go to the post to watch the video or click more.

Hope you enjoy the video! Don’t forget that you can make your own videos and upload them to the new video sections on

12 thoughts on “One Hour Tattoo – Rhys Gordon

  1. nice tattoo..simple but nice ^^

    can anybody tell me the name of the song in the video?i’ve heard it before…but i can’t remember where..thanks!

  2. that’s pretty cool but i got really dizzy watching this because his hands were moving so fast.

  3. woo! I’ve had those guys do one of my sleeves! They’re a terrific studio – I can’t recommend them enough.

    I must say, I’m digging all this Aussie-love lately :)

  4. I am definitely loving Australia. You guys have it pretty damn good here. If I could, I think I’d stay for a while! We’ve already extended our stay here by a week since we’ve chosen it for our “holiday week” where we take a break from traveling. We were going to do it in Phuket but we decided that we really liked the Bondi beach area!

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