Looking for a job?

Live in Columbus, Ohio?  Looking for a job in the industry?  I got an email from the good folks at Evolved and it seems they’re hiring.  Here’s the info:

Evolved is now interviewing to fill a full time tattoo artist position.
The minimum requirements are:
5 years professional experience, current certification in blood borne pathogens, first aid, and cpr, hepatitis b vaccination, declination, or titer test, a solid printed and digital portfolio, a peachy, cheery disposition, and a dependable and professional attitude.

If this sounds like you, email us at [email protected]

If you’re looking for work and fit the bill, give them a shout!

7 thoughts on “Looking for a job?

  1. Just curious, as I’m not from the USA. What does this mean:

    “a peachy, cheery disposition”


  2. The tattoo end is great, awesome people with better art. The piercing end leaves something to be desired, like maybe not an narcissistic wind bag that only is out to grow his own feeble amount of fame.

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