Good work in bad conditions

Jawn sent me the photo of a flesh removal piece he did in less than ideal conditions. I am a big fan of simple geometric design scars and this one has extra sentimental value because it looks like a (better done) version of my first ever flesh removal attempt I did many moons ago.


She has been asking me for that for months. Then her shop burns down. Then I’m in an old soviet era apartment, one light bulb that went out right before I started, so I waited till the morning…… Going on missions for supplies since all her’s burnt up, shitty Russian scalpels, straight chlorohexidine from the pharmacy to clean her, can’t read shit, everythings in Cyrillic, where there is a will there is a way!!!!

15 thoughts on “Good work in bad conditions

  1. That is hot. I liike girls with blood, scars, bloody scars and blood. And scars of course.

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