Crew Blog #2

australia will kill you

East Point, Darwin. photo and caption by Meg Dejmal

Well, here we are.  Another crew blog.  I meant to write one last week as well but holy jebus have we been busy.  We had a day off and literally; we all just slept.  And Meg got tattooed.  But we just mostly slept.  These guys sleep like champions! I thought I was an opportunist napper but boy howdy, I think Richard and Meg are tied for that distinction.  MS Word is telling me that I am using bad grammar right now with green squiggly underlines, just so you know.  What can I say; I excel at some things, not so much grammar.

richard doing what he does second best, first best is video

Anyways, what have we been doing?  Well, we counted today that we have interviewed 40 people so far.  It’s day 19.  I think that’s like a million per day average.  You might want to check my math on that one but I’m pretty sure that’s sound logic…

Let’s see, we’ve also spent at least 40 hours commuting via train, tram, bus or taxi, plus the endless plane rides across Australia.  First Sydney, then Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  We’ve been awoken by drunk backpackers in the middle of the night, calling out for their lost friend Perrin while shoving lighters in our faces.  I’ve never seen Richard move so fast, our hero!  We’ve also seen our local host get a breathalyzer 2 different times in a 5km span, bless Anzac Day…    Did I mention 40 interviews?  I think I may have the buzzzzz of the tattoo machine ingrained in my eardrums permanently.

interview number 38

We’ve been here in the Gold Coast (at the Gold Coast?) for a few days.  It’s friggin gorgeous but even better, I am not as afraid of coming across some random creature and dying spontaneously like I was in Darwin.  Australia is serious business!  So many things can kill you here with very little warning.  I grew up in Alaska where you had to be careful of bears and moose, you know, obviously dangerous things.  Here, a friggin shell can kill you.  Yes, a SHELL.  Well, technically the creature living inside the shell, but come on…

Lori and Darah at East Point, Darwin

they look like they're having fun, but they're really fearing for their lives...

Now, Darwin-that was scary.  Beautiful, picturesque but scary.  We couldn’t swim because of alligators crocodiles (AND deadly jellyfish), we couldn’t poke at hermit crabs, we couldn’t loiter in the sun too long for fear our skin would combust and peel off.  Okay, maybe not combust, but seriously, 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) here is the equivalent of 120 where I’m from.

Interview #40

All in all folks, we fear for our lives here in Australia.  We may never make it out of here alive.  All in the name of body modification.  If it weren’t for our caring hosts, (thank you Fernando, Lori and Rowan) we surely would’ve perished already.  I hope you realize the tireless efforts that go into gathering footage for what will be an amazing documentation of Australia (and the world)’s best tattoo artists and piercers!

Keep an eye out for our first video interview from Kaleidoscope Tattoo in Bondi, Sydney!  Should be posted sometime this week.

Sincerely yours,


14 thoughts on “Crew Blog #2

  1. I don’t work for Anders even though I look like I work there standing behind the counter. These guys are doing a lot of hard work each day. Rachel is almost non-stop as she still has to do the day to day things that are mandatrory with running something as big as BME. It’s not just about shooting some pictures and video as there’s so much else that has to be done “behind the scenes” in organisation, adminsitration and the editing is a never ending very time consuming process.

    All the team is working hard but i would like to say a huge thankyou, on behalf of everybody on BME, to Chez. Booking appointments (which can sometimes mean follwing up people 5 or 6 times), organising flights and excess baggage/accommodation/medications/itineraries/waking people up/reminding people to eat is just part of her never ending job.

    We are all awaiting videos to come on line. But I can see first hand that the rest of us are going to have to be very patient. With more and more filming everyday the editing process gets more and more demanding. So I hope others can understand the need to be patient.

  2. Australia has to be deadly to make up for all the beauty. The universe has to balance things out somehow.

    p.s. I totally snagged some shells from that beach, hermit crab death threats be damned!

  3. I terrorised many hermit crabs! Who has that photo of the really weeny one I found?

    Darah: It is the cone shells you don’t want to pick up because of the critter inside them, not the hermit crabs! =P

  4. Good to see that you guys are enjoying yourselves. Although more updates would be tubular!
    p.s: Isn’t Darah Supposed to be the lucky individual who writes all the blog updates and such? Or am I mistaken?

  5. I think the only real danger we face is at the hands of Rowan when we max out his internet cap for the month in a matter of days! Australia needs to get out of the stone age practice of selling high speed internet in GB increments!!!

    Thanks again to Rowan for being an awesome host. Getting to stay in his lovely abode has been amazing. Also big thanks to Lori who put us up in Darwin, to Trevor who put me up in Melbourne, while the crew hung out at the Lords Lodge in order to save us from having to book an 8 bed room dorm to fit us in a private room and to Rhys, Nano and Hot Brad for showing us around the city in Sydney.

    We really are having a excellent time here in Australia and it’s been a great start to what I think will be a great couple of months! I can’t believe we’re almost into the end of the first month out on the road.

    I really have fallen for Australia and it’s going to bum me out to have to leave. I’m definitely going to be coming back here to visit now that I know what Australia has to offer!

  6. Sadly Rachel, selling high speed internet in GB increments is the way most companies would like *to go*, not to get away from.

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