Job Offer

Looking for a job? The Aloha Monkey Tattoo is looking for a qualified piercer to work full-time (40 hrs/ week). The owner, Josh, sent me the following description:

“Freehand or forceps technique, shop has everything needed. All jewelry is mostly Anatometal and some Industrial Strength. We use IS needles and nothing else. We are an APP standard shop but just not yet certified (will be soon). Must have at least 5 years experience working in a high volume shop. APP membership a plus. Must have online and physical portfolio, good work ethic and a positive attitude. Do not want rock stars or pretentiousness. Please contact Josh Arment for info or by phone at 952-882-8868.”

12 thoughts on “Job Offer

  1. Ahhhhhh Gutted why do i have to be in england
    although i only have 2years so it doesnt matter anyway =]
    good luck to anyone who gets the job and i wish you all the best

  2. @2….are you complaining? i dont think there would be a better place than on this site
    and thats my two cents

  3. krallice – Agreed. Especially right now when a lot of people are having a hard time. Or maybe people being out of work is better? I’m trying not to be sarcastic but it’s kind of funny when BME gets slammed for supporting the body modification industry. Ah well, there’s no pleasing some.

  4. maybe there should be a separate classifieds/job offers category somewhere on bme proper?

  5. what Jake said. Make another page for it on BME and post there.

    Modblog is supposed to be a blog of body modifications. I’m just worried that now there’s going to be a post on job offers frequently, because this is already the second one posted recently. Take it somewhere else on the site – not on the blog. This is really not the place for it.

    And yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call what I said “slamming” the site. And yes, there is pleasing me. I am pleased when this blog has good modifications (or bad ones complete with a warning of what could have been done to prevent them) and an intelligent write up. The BME world tour entries are interesting and appreciated. Take the inappropriate classified ads and pictures of huge blowouts somewhere else.

  6. well im sure body piercers and tattoo artists are appreciating these posts……just not the people who work at the local 7-11
    its a small post, just scroll passed it if its not your thing

  7. oh lol at your insinuation

    Jake made a good suggestion that I agreed with. Would you be happy if every third post was a classified ad? I’m worried about the direction this is going not this one small post.

    But this argument has now become silly. Continue it if you wish, but there is little point in doing so.

  8. It’s relevant, why not post it. That shop does look really cool though. Plus who doesn’t need a freaking job right now? I’ve been out of work since December.

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