The curves of your lips rewrite history

Another 200 or so new photos have been added to BME so far today including this one. The piercings were done by Samantha Robles out of WAY Body Arts in Santa Cruz, California.


You’re looking at a healed 6ga philtrum. I’m not sure what gauge the nostrils are but I love the way these piercings compliment the face; especially the way the philtrum sits in the center of an exaggerated bow. I think this mouth was made for a philtrum, how about you?

Close up after the jump.


16 thoughts on “The curves of your lips rewrite history

  1. hmmm…. maybe (for me) it’s just the size and the jewellery – i wont say i dont like it, likewise i wont say i do like it.

    i do however, love the placement.

  2. I’m thinking there’s a dimpling effect and that the bow isn’t so naturally dramatic

  3. The bow in her lip was naturally that deep before the piercing. The piercing may have made it more pronounced, but her lip really was made for a philtrum. I did not do her nostrils, and I (think) they are at 8g, but I’m not certain. Annnnnnd, the jewelry is a solid black single flare plug from Gorilla Glass.

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