Guess What?


Could it be a penis? Of course it could. I know, I know, not another “Guess What ?” wang. The way I figure,  since I try and keep these types of pictures behind a click through, I may as well make a game out of them.



Submissions, courtesy of IAM: glowball.

In case you don’t quite get what’s going on, it’s a stretched halfadravya, that is intended to be the start of an inversion project.

54 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I said holy fuck when I saw that and realized the awesome pun there….

  2. To me the view from above looks more like a (half) deep shaft Apadravya as it is located behind the glans… but anyway this is impressive! Excellent Guess What, striking pictures!

  3. yep i knew this one as soon as i saw it, isee the attraction to a pierced penis i really dont see the attraction to a stretched penis

  4. This scares me a bit, as I do enjoy sex… Can that even happen with all of that business going on?

  5. I was thinking transcrotal, but you got me on this one. Took me a while to really understand what was going on here, but now I get it.

    And to all those wondering how/if sex is possible, I’d wager it’s all about the same. Sort of. Subincision with and extra stretched hole in the top. Makes his genitals pretty damn thick though… Maybe he takes the jewelry out for sex? I dunno but I’ve never even thought this would be possible so props to that!

  6. @Roo, I had this same combo on a smaller scale. Sub and large shaft halfadravyia. I could have sex but it hurt like hell, I had to nix the shaft halfadravyia.

  7. thats fuckn gross….dont get me wrong i loveee modifications but this is to much

  8. I totally got this one. These usually stump me with the details, but somehow I knew, lol.

    It’s also pretty much amazing in terms of human feat. Like whoa.

  9. i love this, but what bugs me is “by far the most disgusting penis I’ve ever seen. gross.” dont like it, dont comment on it. its not for everyone but them mods arnt for anyone other then the owner in the 1st place

  10. yay- i was right!
    but i have to say- this does not look very healthy- especially from the button.

  11. I, for some reason, totally thought it was something to do with a hand piercing at first! :P

    That’s intense- I’ve never seen anything like it O_O

  12. I’ve thought about getting this sort of thing, but there are a lot of risks involved in getting the initial piercing and healing it. Looks like it turned out well for this guy.

  13. Very much a hole in one!! Got it in one.
    The subincision is every bit as very impressive as the stretch on his apadravya. Nice work.

  14. omfg pearly penile papules at it’s bestttt :D

    awesome piercing i bet this is interesting to have sex with to say the least

  15. Gandy, it’s all personal opinion. don’t like mine, don’t read it. better yet – don’t respond to it ;-)

  16. ok this shits nuts. i love mods but this…too much haha but if its wat ya want then go for it :] i like my peen the way it is :P

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