Review of Oslo SusCon 2010

After 3 days of suspension and monday’s BBQ night party with (hopefully some nice branding action like last year) this years Oslo SusCon is over. Alexander Trowell (body piercer and student nurse from Southport, U.K.) wrote a great review I want to share with you here:

The ninth incarnation of Oslo Suscon has been up to its usual awesome standard, if not better. In practical terms there has been some tweaks and alterations to codes of practice, and the highly professional level of it all is impressive. It’s incredibly nice to see how it affects newcomers from other suspension teams, and I think it’s safe to say that the Wings of Desire crew are one of the most respected, competent and professional teams in the world at what they do.

Oslo SusCon Day 3

Oslo SusCon Day 3

This time around there has been a BME-sponsored guest talk from the charismatic Emrys Yetz who gave us the lowdown on his group Rites of Passage, and Allan Falkner (TSD) did a really educational crew teaching-session on rigging. Ben and Alice (Constant Elevation) have shared stories on their London based suspension adventures, and we have seen Lucky Hell perform beautifully last night.

As has become tradition, there are participants and crew from a large number of countries here, fourteen to be precise. Norway, UK, US, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Austria and Australia, are all represented – not to be scoffed at, soon “we” will take on the Olympics! ;)

The Con kicked off properly for crew on Thursday, when the venue was set up, although the first suspension didn’t take place until Friday, when the first nine people hung. Saturday was busy busy busy, with a total of thirty-six suspensions.
It seems quite typical that some type of suspension becomes the mark of the Con, and at this one, the spinning beam has seen a lot of energetic action.

Jussi - Snake Oil Siedeshow at Oslo SusCon 2010

Jussi - Snake Oil Siedeshow at Oslo SusCon 2010

Sunday Jussi (Snake oil) performed for us (and the general walk-in public), as the end of the convention was drawing closer. At the time of writing, the final three suspendees are being pierced, and since we are ahead of schedule, it looks like round 2 may be possible for a few hopefuls.

As a factual follow-up to this, a total of 86 suspensions took place over the weekend, with around ten of these being people doing their second suspension for the weekend.

I would like to say, I’m sure on behalf of everyone who has been lucky enough to spend the weekend here, a massive thank you to Håvve, Christiane, and the rest of the Wings of Desire crew! Big thanks and respect also, to everyone who has volunteered, everyone who has pierced, rigged, and looked after myself and everyone else here. And finally, for those of you out there contemplating on coming next year, I can only say two words. Do it.

Peace. Alex

Hopefully this was not too much suspension on ModBlog this weekend – for everybody who can’t get enough I recommend sunday’s WingsOfDesire gallery

4 thoughts on “Review of Oslo SusCon 2010

  1. It was amazing, the Wings of Desire Crew did a great job.
    Thanks to Havve & Christiane for this event.
    Of course i will be there 2011.


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