Guess what?

Well, this is my first “Guess what?” post, so I’m hoping Sean approves of it.  I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what it is, and the first 2 won’t count.


So?  Think you know what it is?  Click to find out if you were right!

Did you say penis?  If you did, collect your prize!

This image was submitted anonymously to BME’s hard galleries.  If you’re not a member, and are thinking about getting a membership to our Hard/Surgical sections, you can sign up right here.

34 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. i think the mystery was far better then knowing. seriously,i dont get why people do that shit. i’m all for peircing and modification. but this is just pointless.

  2. Haha, great one! I saw this pic and was hoping it had 36 needles so I could have used it as a deranged birthday cake photo for Shawn’s birthday!

  3. I guessed scrotum on my first go, but I didn’t guess about the squishing! I was wondering if something had been set into the skin to create the little hollows around the needles until I saw the full picture.

  4. i don’t think “male genitals” counts as a correct guess in Guess What?. that is one sick contraption though.

  5. I got the scrotum and the play piercings, but didn’t expect the apparatus. Not really sure what happened to the testes.

  6. Ballsack minus the balls… interesting. (or maybe they did get squished like anon_vampire said…) eek.

  7. I always cringe when I see stuff like this, but man I give my respects for people that can do it.

  8. Does that cause permanent damage to the testes? Like a few others, I guessed scrotum but had no idea it was being squished.

  9. @johan no doubt this is some S/M play. The adrenaline that comes off it is wonderful. As far as I’m concerned, S/M play is magnitudes better than vanilla sex. But everyone has their own ways of getting off.

  10. A ‘guess what?’ without guy bits is like a day without sunshine. Different and unusual sunshine that makes you wonder about permanent damage, in this case.

  11. Usually I like to let me sack ‘air out’ by going commando…. I guess this fellow took that saying into literal terms.
    Ahhhh, nothing better than waking up to a deflated sack.

  12. So if BME wants to attract more subscribers, they should probably consider improving the structure of the revamped website rather than posting links to the subscribe page on each mob blog log. I tried to submit a video of my meatomy procedure (80MB .mov HD movie) and the upload simply would not work. The new website is way slow and in my opinion a pretty crappy layout. Take a note from the rest of the programming world: KISS – keep it simple stupid. Hopefully it at least takes a load of the back end users by automating photo uploads, but really, its all about the users. -Rae

  13. I think the black wire thru apadravya piercing is going around his neck to make him feel pain if he loses “the posture”

  14. Reminds me of a pics 5 years later of a cock, can you find it back for me?
    by the way, thats crazy!
    Eric French BMElover

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