“Your life is a piece of clay, don’t let anyone else mold it for you.”

IAM:somekindarobot is no stranger to working with his hand. A quick look at his page will show you some of the works he has sculpted out of clay as well as his works in other mediums (bonus points for the C’thulhu image).  So when he decided to get the alchemical symbol for clay tattooed on his chest, it seemed only logical to have it done by hand (tapping).


Somekindarobot is no stranger to blackwork, as evidenced by his arm, and it’s always fun to watch a hand tapping session.

There’s something very primal about the entire experience, possibly from the use of the tools, or just the technique itself.  Which is part of the reason this image drew me in.  As anyone who has worked with clay knows, the entire process of creation involves sculpting something out of a lump of what can best be described as mud.  It’s a raw material, and no matter how modern things have come along in the sculpting world, it’s a process that goes back to the stone ages.  To craft something from nothing with your hands, to turn a lump of clay into something practical or beautiful, or both.  So here we have an artist, who works with one of the oldest mediums known, getting an ancient symbol tattooed on his chest by one of the oldest tattoo techniques.  Regardless if you love heavy blackwork or not, you have to appreciate the the utter primitiveness that is evoked by the linking of the artist and the art.


There are a few more pictures of the session up in the “other” tattoo galleries.  That’s where you’ll find images of tattoos done by hand, using a variety of techniques.

I think what I’m taking away most from this image ties to the anonymous quote I used in the headline.  This is an artist who not only molds clay, but also his own body, in the way he wants.

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