Every few days I like to post an image that is just fun to look at.  Thanks to eLHATABorov, I have an image to share with you today.


There are some images that you just need to know the story behind.  Does this young man hate having his picture taken?  Is he just goofing around with some friends in the woods?  Does he normally wear a stick through his septum?

Taking a look through the big septum galleries you can find quite a few fun images.  I suppose that one of the perks in having a big septum is the ability to get a chance to play with a piercing that can easily be hidden from the world.  How many ModBlog readers out there have a retainer that they wear to work?  The septum piercing is one that has existed well before any kind of documented history, so it’s always interesting to see how people adapt their piercings to their own styles.  For some small and subtle is the way to go, for others the bigger the jewelry the better.  Clearly the man in the picture above favors the larger gauge septum piercing, yet does he hide it when he heads into work during the week?

Come to think about it, why isn’t the septum piercing “socially acceptable”?  It’s one of the oldest known piercings, and it is still widely used by indigenous people all around the world.  Yet in North America, many people have to play peek-a-boo with their septum jewelry in order to maintain their jobs.  It’s bad enough most modded people have to hide their modifications in the traditional job market, but when it comes to something like a septum piercing, you would think that after millions of years most people would get over their fear of a modified person.  Or am I just being too optimistic?

11 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo!

  1. i used to hide mine, but got sick of doing so.
    since i started leaving it out ive been impressed by how many people like it.
    my fault for low expectations

  2. I’m gonna probably get a lot of angry responses, but I support an employer’s right to hire according to physical appearance.

    We all know what we’re getting into when we get modified, and if you aren’t willing to deal with the consequences, then you shouldn’t have had it done. I own a tattoo shop and I wouldn’t hire a tattoo artist without tattoos, so I don’t see a problem with the other side of the coin. The employer isn’t there to change societies’ views of modified people, they are there to make money. If you are going to inhibit YOUR ability to do that, that’s your decision, but I don’t think they should be forced to let you inhibit THEIR income.

    When I was 19 I got huge black flames tattooed on both sides of my head, and I never cried about having to work in the back of a restaurant or having to wear a hat when dealing with customers. I took out my 00g septum and didn’t wear jewelry in my ears if I had to. I have clients come in all day that are 19 with 2 inch lobes and full sleeves (they get it all done so fast these days) and whine about not being able to get a job. I tell them they need to talk to a plastic surgeon about lobe reconstruction and go see Fade Fast Tattoo Removal about getting their work removed if they can’t get a job.

    Being an individual is great, but if you aren’t one before you get work done, you won’t be one after you do, and if you can’t work to feed yourself it doesn’t really matter how much you “feel” you need it. IMHO.

  3. I currently don’t have to hide my septum for anything, but I like having that choice. I don’t always want to answer every strangers questions ‘oooo do dat hurt?’, ‘does it go all the way thought that big?’. Plus really don’t want to answer every great aunt’s questions when I’m heading for the fried chicken at a family reunion.

    however for most daily wear I really prefer little pinchers because they only have the little points sticking and it makes people ask questions (I do like people ask me about thing when I’m in the mood to talk) and I can usually surprise them by showing that top is 2ga.

  4. I like having fun with mt septum when not working. I wear a 00ga septum moustache when I’m feeling frisky but when it comes to work I use a no flare steel plug. I’m required by my job to hide it. I have been hoping for a day where large gauge piercing will be more accepted

  5. I agree with Cucuy, if an employer doesn’t want their employees to have visible mods, that’s their perogative – it’s their business so they should be able to say if they have a problem with it. Just as they have the right to ask you to wear a uniform. I work in a high school in IT and was really surprised when I was offered my job, mods and all. When I started, I spoke to the principal and asked her if she wanted me to remove them, or to use flesh coloured plugs, and she said I was an adult and I could make my own decisions, and that because I dressed well it wasn’t an issue. So I guess I’m in a good position but because I’m realistic abou the way people percieve mods, I also wouldn’t have carried on if I had to take them out. On the other hand though, as a result of that acceptance by the principal, the students have gotten a different idea about piercings & mods – they see someone successful and friendly with mods, and it helps them change their perception of the community as a whole I think.

  6. I love my 6g septum, but I work in a hair salon in a little town, so I wear a flared tunnel, easy. It’s somfortable for me to wear, and if it makes my boss happy (she’s a dear btw), then I’ll wear that. I do have a pincher, but I usually don’t wear it unless I go out. I like that I can hide it, just like my tattoo. Some things are for my personal pleasure, and not everyone on the whole planet needs to know about it.

  7. I wear a clear earskin in my 4g septum. I rarely ever wear my septum out. I work in a cattery and live on site, and I just can’t be bothered with the confusion that wearing large gauge septum jewellery causes with the clients and with the older owners. Its also incredibly comfortable and smell-free so it works out better for me too. It pleases me enough to know that my piercing is there, and I love the journey of stretching, so I don’ t really mind that most people don’t know its there.

  8. hah. I got no choice but to hide my 00 gauge septum at work. Its only cos I’m a working as a cop. And we cops gotta look all pretty and preppy right? hurhur..

  9. I wear an awesome custom-made obsidian plug from One Tribe in mine.

    I’ve it to work for a couple of years to my ultra-conservative job & no-one has ever noticed it.

    One Tribe are wicked

  10. black sox – I just googled the plugs and it is gorgeous! But isnt it a bitch to put it on? And how do you handle “the crusts” around the septum?

  11. I have had my septum for the last 8 years I think; it was pierced at 2.4mm and I stretched it to 4mm. I may have worn actual jewellery in it just once. I got it for me, I know it’s there, and I don’t feel the need for anyone else to notice it. I just wear a small retainer in it. I don’t do it to avoid people’s reactions, I just like having it all to myself.

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