Guess who?

Sometimes a portrait tattoo of a person is so distinctive that you can tell who it is instantly, other times, the portrait may be done in a manner that the person is intentionally tricky to distinguish.  Then you have times that you see a portrait that’s really well done, but for the life of you, you can’t figure out who it is of.


At this point you either know who it is or you don’t.  If you’re like me and didn’t recognize her, I’ll save you the google search.  That is none other than Eva Angelina, a porn actress best known for wearing her glasses when “acting”.  I’m not sure who the artist is, but the title, plus a quick reference by a friend of mine, led me to her wiki page where I discovered that she’s won quite a few awards and is a new mom.  So whoever was the recipient of this tattoo is probably a huge fan.  I’d also like to thank them for picking an image of her that I didn’t have to hide behind a click-through.

The artist of this piece is none other than IAM: Nick Friederich from Shelton Tattoo in Shelton, CT

So while a portrait of a porn star may not be your cup of tea, you can head on over to the portrait gallery to find one that is up your alley.

17 thoughts on “Guess who?

  1. Looks like she belongs on that movie, Coneheads.

    Chick is f*ckin’ dope though. Should check her out in an early F*ck Team Five episode where she, Ashlynn Brookes, and Jayden James, mess with some guys in Miami. An all-round excellent porn scene, I think.

  2. so uh anyone ever see snl when its the lawrence welk show? “that girl should consider baaangs”

  3. Why is “acting” in “quotes”? Here is an article BMEzine printed a few years back that certainly makes it sound like being in porn is acting. It’s not mainstream, traditional acting, but you have to pretend in a moderately believable way that you are enjoying it significantly more than you are. I would go so far as to say that women have to act considerably more than men, since the director generally tries to avoid any more of the male than strictly necessary (i.e., the penis/money shot).

  4. Oh be nice. it’s my first color portrait attempt. and its only like 3.5in tall on an ankle.
    Ill get better at it someday, i just need people to practice on….

  5. thought she looked kinda familiar. im a ‘former’ fan. dont like her boobjob :S. i dont like many of them boobjobs though.

  6. she was featured here… back when the person making the post wouldn’t put the word “acting” in quotes

    and there weren’t as many assholes talking shit about an artists work…. he’ll continue to get better… while they’ll just talk shit

  7. i dig the tat and was surprised i guess right.. maybe not so surprised

    and i definitely loathe the boob job… i kinda feel responsible though

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