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It’s been a couple of weeks since the last story time, and since that last post we’ve gotten a lot of new submissions to the story section of  If you’re not familiar with the process to submit a story, it’s fairly simple, just log in to your account (if you don’t have one you can get a free subscription here).  Once you’re logged in, go to your account profile page, click on the “MEDIA” button, and in the top corner you’ll see the link to submit a story.  Of course clicking this link will take you right to the submission page as well.

After that, it’s just a matter of taking the time to share your stories with the world.  Talk about your motivation for getting a tattoo, or what it was like to get a scar cut, or how the suspension you did last week went.  All of these things matter to you, so why not share them with us.

Today’s story was submitted anonymously, and it talks about the decision and the process of getting one’s nipples re-pierced.  Keep on reading to see the story.

Second Time Around – Anonymous

Two years ago, after much thought, I went to a piercing and tattoo studio in my college town and got my nipples pierced. I guess I wanted to surprise people who see me as a very conservative person. I loved these piercings but they never seemed to heal so I retired them after about nine months. However, I had enjoyed them, shocked some friends, and missed them when they were gone.

I spent New Years at a hotel party complete with dancing and other festivities. At the end of the evening, I sat in the lobby with a friend from graduate school. As we discussed our new year’s resolutions, we gave each other a bit of a dare/bet. She confessed that she always wanted to pierce her nose. So I spoke up. I would re-pierce my nipples if she would pierce her nose. The deal was sealed.

In March, I was going to be visiting my friend during spring break and I wanted to finish the deal before my trip. I searched Yelp and the APP website to find a piercer in my area. Based on the reviews and the APP certification, I chose Bob Jones at Insight Studios. On the Friday, one day before my flight, I got the nerve up again and called Insight Studios. The person answering the phone said stop in any time during the evening.

I drove down to the studio in the evening. When I arrived, Bob was piercing a girl’s lip so I parked myself on a stainless steel bench in the waiting area. The place is immaculate and decorated with a large surf board. A glass case displays the variety of piercing jewelery. The front of the shop has semi-private tattoo areas and the back of the shop has a glass block area where the piercing takes place.

Bob came out and introduced himself. He has no visible piercings. We discussed the piercing and I told him I would like to try barbells this time as I had difficulty healing with CBR’s when I last had my nipples pierced. After the “scary” paperwork required by the county, Bob set up and I waited some more. He then called me back.

I took my shirt off and he cleaned my nipples. Then, he measured and marked the in and out markings on my nipples. He had to adjust them to account for a small amount of scar tissue from before. Looking in a mirror, I approved the placement. I laid on a doctor’s exam bench and he began. He clamped each nipple, then pushed the needle through. I had been through this once before so I knew what to expect; however, it was still quite painful, an almost burning sensation. It seemed like an eternity while he was placing the clamps and adjusting his positions. Throughout the procedure, we chatted about a variety of topics and this helped distract me. He finished by putting the jewelery in and screwing the balls on. My right nipple bled slightly but stopped almost as soon as it started bleeding.

He explained aftercare and recommended H20cean Spray, which contains sea salts. He also gave me a free sample can. I have since used that one up and purchased a second one. To this day, nearly four months later, I still spray each nipple two to three times a day. I paid for the procedure and tipped him. He gave me a $10 discount for mentioning the yelp review. I left the studio and drove home. It is a weird sensation to pierce your nipples a second time because you forget about the healing process and the initial tenderness. You are more accustomed to the healing/healed piercings. All through the night, I couldn’t stop feeling my chest. Early the next morning, I flew to my destination. (And for all of those people who post questions online about metal detectors and piercings, I didn’t have a problem.)

The healing has been relatively uneventful and has gone better than my last time around. They look good, there has been very little scarring and I hardly notice them now. While on my trip, I told my friend of the piercings. Few people know of them-a few friends and my sisters. It is fun to have a semi-private piercing. If you were to look at me, you wouldn’t suspect what I’m hiding under my shirt, though I do enjoy the beach. I would recommend waiting to go to the beach until you are through the first few months of the healing process.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend kept up her end of the bargain and got her nose pierced.

And me? I’m seriously pondering a prince albert to accompany my nipples. I can’t believe I’m even pondering this, but I thought the same thing about the nipples.

Admit it, you were surprised to find out that the writer is male, I know I was.  I’m a little curious as to how many other people applied a gender bias to the story without even knowing it.

14 thoughts on “It’s Story Time!

  1. I assumed it was a male. There are clues throughout, but mainly because he talked about surprising and shocking people toward the beginning. Guys are topless much more often than gals, at least where I’m from.

  2. I definitely thought the writer was a female. A lot of the comments like “shocking people” make sense, since, after all, few women (that I know anyway) go around with their breasts exposed. The beach comment towards the end makes sense now that we know the writer is a male. Damn. I need to try to not be so assuming/biased from now on. The shocking people thing really sort of made sense in a way though, because you could always tell people that you have them done, and they might be shocked from the announcement of it.

  3. I figured it was a male, but only because my experience piercing my nipples was vaguely similar.

    My piercer didn’t use clamps, though. She disliked them because she felt they made everyone tense, and they weren’t very comfortable. I trusted her to do it freehand, and while one of them came out at a slight angle, I’m completely happy with that.

    Also, I found my bars had a tough time healing properly, and it was much easier once I switched to (slightly larger gauge) CBRs. I also started using tersaceptic as a body wash. It’s anti-bacterial, but more importantly it’s hypoallergenic. The old soaps I was using were irritants and I think they were part of the problem with my piercings never quite healing up.

  4. I wasn’t suprised that the writer was male. I don’t see how there’s a gender bias.. and I don’t see how people would assume the sex of someone based on… what?? I mean up until he mentioned the PA, I didn’t really have any gender in mind.

    I guess I think of people just as blank, genital-less, mannequins until they give me further information.

  5. I thought male from the start as well. No idea why, maybe because the writer reminds me of me

  6. I went back and forth from male to female. I had to retire one of my nipple piercings as a result from my girlfriend getting a little too vigorous one evening and so I empathized on that point. But the further it got the more I thought it was a girl, but still not a surprise at the end. I’ve considered getting a PA or at least a frenum piercing, but am held back somewhat by the fact that the nipple piercings more got in the way than increased the sexual pleasure from my nips.

  7. “At the end of the evening, I sat in the lobby with a friend from graduate school. As we discussed our new year’s resolutions, we gave each other a bit of a dare/bet. She confessed that she always wanted to pierce her nose. So I spoke up. I would re-pierce my nipples if she would pierce her nose.”

    This makes one think a woman is writing.

  8. The shop I go to is reluctant to pierce nipples with CBRs because of the difficulty with healing. I got mine done with barbells and healing is going pretty well. =)

  9. I went with male, though that probably has to do more with me liking nipple piercings better on guys than on girls than some hints I got from the story.

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