The Friday Follow-up

It’s Friday which means it’s time to take a look at how some scars are healing up.

This week’s entry was a little tricky to find.  I actually had to go back over 3 years in the galleries to find the image of this scar when it was first done.  The scar was performed by none other than John Joyce.  John was gracious enough to upload a few images of this piece as it has healed over time, so you can really get an idea of how a scar is formed.

The first image is of the scar when it was first completed in January 2007.


Next up, the same scar, a little over a month later in March 2007


So now we fast forward to today, with a picture of the scar completely healed, but to see it, you’ll have to keep on reading…


As you can see, the scar has held up really well over time.  Kudos to John for making such a great scar.

If you’re an artist, or you have a scar done and you’d like to be featured in the Friday Follow-up, just upload your before and after images to BME and send me an e-mail letting me know what you’ve submitted.  Then remember to check ModBlog to see if you’ve made it.

8 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. to each their own, but the majority of scarification (post-healing)ive seen looks like garbage to me.
    i really admire the better practitioners AND respect the recipients even more, but its just not for me i guess.

    wait thats not true, i have branding i like.
    and ive seen some abstract designs that healed well.
    its these cuttings, etc that try to make images as if it was a tattoo that i dont like (post-healing)

  2. dude are u serious rite now do u know how big of a name John has is scarification and branding. He IS one of the top guys in the east coast. U rock John keep it up brah.

  3. I really like how well this healed up, very nicely if I do say so myself. I love scars, even all of my unintentional ones that I’ve recieved over the years.

    Pete, you have to remember that it’s not always the picture that they are mostly concerned about, but the permanace of the scar, and how much more personal it can become, the process of going though it and/or healing. There can be many many reasons for someone’s choice behind getting something, you can’t always take it for face value.

  4. I agree with Pete, although this one healed up nice, most of these intricate designs would look better as tattoos.

  5. i agree john is an amazing artist and pretty good guy.
    im not sure why #3 thought i was criticizing john, i was just commenting on scarification in general.

    i also agree with MoseZ, its just the healed product that i think falls short sometimes.
    the process, the journey, the meaning, etc, etc are all VERY important and valuable. IMO i think they are the BEST parts of this kind of mod/art.

    my line of thinking is that i think the community could be more critical since most of the time i see blind cheerleading.

    btw, i love this piece when it was fresh

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