The Guess What Game (Round 2)

I normally post the weekly “Guess What?” image on Tuesdays, but today I thought I would make things a little interesting.  Over the course of the afternoon I’ll be posting 3 separate images, and providing some clues as to what they are.  Make your guesses in the comment section, and later in the day I’ll post the full uncropped images to see how many you got right.  In the interest of fairness, I will say that all three images are of different body parts, it’s up to you to guess the correct ones.

The second image in today’s game required a trip to the hardware store in order to make possible.  I’m fairly certain that the makers of pvc pipe never would have imagined it being used in this capacity.  Then again, BME readers are some of the most creative people around.


Think you know what’s going on here?  Make a comment, and keep checking back to ModBlog today to see if you’re right.

If you missed the first round, you can either scroll down the page, or click here to see it.

Update:  You can see the results from all 3 rounds here.

17 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Round 2)

  1. i guess it’s male genitals once again…shoved through a curved pvc pipe and fixed with some sort of genital piercing(s)

  2. Definitely thinking it’s some sort of DIY chastity device, perhaps with some genital piercings to kind of help keep it in place somehow? Sweet jesus I have no idea.

  3. It’s either a penis w/ a PA/foreskin piercing, or testicles pulled through the pvc pipe w/ a scrotal piercing.

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  5. I’ll go with a VERY uncomfortable(note the unfinished edges on the pipe) male chastity device Including frenum piercing.

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