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Every week or so ModBlog features a story from the Story section of  Like the image galleries, the story section is made up from stories shared by readers from all over.  For example, here is a story submitted in Russian.

Submitting a story is very simple.  All you have to do is head to your profile, click on media, and then add your new story.  And stories don’t have to be limited to tattoo and piercing stories either.  Talk about what it was like to get your scar work done, maybe you’ve had a really great play piercing session, or sharing what you feel when you suspend.  You can even write your story in a word processor and copy it over if you’re worried about spelling.  In any case, the sharing of stories is just as important as sharing your images, so feel free to submit anything that is significant to you.

This week’s story comes from BME member Withmoderacy, and tells the tale of their DIY septum piercing.  You can read the story by following the clickthrough.

a simply story about a simple and painless DIY septum.

By withmoderacy · Sept. 16, 2010

I’m in love!
I had been wanting a piercing for quite some time now. I believe like most people my age, the interest was sparked when I was 11-13 years old in my fifth or sixth grade year in middle school when I had just discovered the “emo” scene.

Since then, I had been craving for a piercing. And finally after a number of years, I finally got it.

I went through many phases before finally settling on my septum. It was a tough decision, because like many others, I had previously heard that the septum was notorious for being a wicked painful piercing to get! In addition, for a very long while, I have been self-conscious about my semi-flat and somewhat large Asian nose, and thought that a nose piercing would attract more attention to it. But eventually, I learned to love my little quirky nose, and it was only but a week ago that I definitely decided I wanted to pierce my septum.

A month ago, I had ordered a fully sterilized and packaged piercing needle online. At the time, I simply ordered it to order it; I wasn’t fully convinced on what I should pierce — or if I wanted to at all. Now that I knew I wanted my septum, as I waited for my circular barbell to come in the mail, I was beginning to crazy read and grab at any information I could find about septum piercings. Every day, I stuck my fingers inside my nose trying to feel for my sweet spot.

Finally, my jewelry and clamp came in the mail! I was so excited as I reached into the mailbox that my hands were shaking, and I rushed into my room. I quickly locked my door and trapped myself in my bathroom. It was time!

I wiped down my countertop with bleach (I wasn’t worried about doing it in a “dirty” bathroom setting because admittedly, I live in a upper middle class suburban home, and my bathroom is spotless most of the time due to having someone clean it every other day) and then I set paper towels upon the surface, and laid out my supplies: a packaged autoclaved 14g hollow needle, a 14g circular barbell, and a clamp designed specifically for septum piercings.

In the many videos I watched, the people performing DIY septum piercings were able to shove the needle through their nose, and I expected to be no different. However, I definitely overestimated myself.

I took a deep breath. I hadn’t even removed the needle from its packaging, and my hands were shaking! I put on latex gloves that I had borrowed from my mom, and began prodding my nose for my “sweet spot”. I had read that piercing your sweet spot versus your cartilage would hurt considerably less, which makes sense. I secured the clamp on my nose. Ripped open the packaging for the needle, and then slowly inserted it through the clamp.

And as soon as I felt the VERY tip of the needle BARELY touch my skin, I froze. I was so scared! I’m definitely the biggest wimp when it comes to pain! I knew I wouldn’t be able to force it through my nose in one big motion, and I was close to just throwing everything out the window. But I knew I didn’t pay $30 in supplies and shipping just to toss it away! I had to pull through!

… So I did. Granted, it took me an hour, but I finally got the needle through!

I was so nervous about the pain of shoving it through that I ended up simply pushing the needle against my skin slowly. I could feel it break through each layer of skin before I got tired of the clamp, removed it, casually prodded the other side of my nose and found that the tip of the needle had gone through! I honestly hadn’t even felt a thing or noticed!

In my excitement, I began to become more forceful with it, and at long last, the needle was through. I was scared for nothing! I literally felt NO pain, and my eyes didn’t even water up!

I took out the needle, and quickly inserted my jewelry in (not “painful”, but slightly more uncomfortable than the piercing itself, as it was externally threaded, and I could feel the cork-like part against my wound).

And there it was. My septum, in all its glory.

I cleaned off all the blood that I had began dripping down my nose and lips, and applied and aftercare anti-septic on it, and that was that.

This occured three days ago, and my piercing is doing just fine. The tip of my nose feels slightly sore, but nothing more than the feeling of a small bruise. I currently have my jewelry flipped up in my nose, and as of now, it’s rather uncomfortable/irritating to flip it up and down, but I mainly leave it flipped inside for now to hide it from the teachers at school and at my job. I’m also experiencing MINIMAL crusties.

I’m so excited for when it heals! And I definitely encourage anyone who wants the piercing to get it! I myself experienced no pain during the actual piercing or even afterwards. And it looks absolutely great!

6 thoughts on “It’s Story Time!

  1. why is bme featuring the stories of a 14 year old upper middle class girl. Is that really who you’re trying to appeal to.

  2. It’s totally cool to like pierce yourself in your mom’s bathroom right? It’s not like you’re *poor* or anything.

  3. People get DIY piercing for various reasons, not just cost. This person seems to have done everything right and was rewarded with a successful piercing.

  4. .. and since she is posting it here (as a member of BME obviously), kind of confirms that she did her homework and had a great experience with setting the piercing, not just stabbed herself with some nasty lighter-sterilized needle and posted it on some fashion teen-community..

    with the right research and consideration DIY piercing can be a great experience, and for me it’s so much more personal then letting someone else modify MY body, and if anything should go wrong i have no one else then myself to blame.
    .. that said i always use months on research and have a almost perfect success-rate=)

    good luck with your new septum piercing, and thx for the story=)

  5. @uhm: BME covers a huge spectrum of people so there’s no specific catering to any age group (although if you had read the story you’d know the person who wrote it was older than 14). You also have to keep in mind that BME has been around for a long time and there are people who have been with the site since the 90s when they may have been teenagers. They may have grown up, but the younger generation of readers shouldn’t be ignored just because of their age. If anything, like CS said, it shows that BME can have a positive affect on young people as she was able to learn to do things safely.

    Of course, you’re always welcome to submit a story of your own, as we accept stories from everyone in the community.

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