The Friday Follow-up

This week’s follow-up is from almost two year ago to the date.  Actually looking at the date of the initial photo it was submitted on my 30th birthday, but that’s not what’s important about this post, the scar is.

First, let’s look at the initial scar that was done on ModBlog regular IAM:Dagon.  The scar was done by this awesome Canadian artist who just happens to have an Australian accent and claims to be from Australia, the one and only Wayde Dunn.  Yes I know he’s an Aussie, but we like him so much up here, we’re claiming him as our own.  I think Canada can do that as Australia is also a member of the Commonwealth.

Anyway, this six wing scar was done while Wayde was at Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA.


You know how this works by now, click the read more button to see how the scar looks two years later.


It looks like the scar raised up beautifully, and Dagon seems really pleased with the results.

You can check out more of The Thunder from Down Under’s works in his gallery.

If you have a scar that’s healed up, submit your before and after pictures to BME and you could be featured in next week’s Friday Follow-up.  And don’t forget to fill in all the boxes so the artist can get credit.

13 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. That looks beautiful, really ethereal! One of the few scars I’ve seen where healing pale adds to the feel. It’s interesting to see these before and afters, keep up the good work!

  2. Holy wow. That looks absolutely beautiful! When you look at something like this, and it just makes you happy, that’s how beautiful it is, makes you happy inside. =D

  3. It healed beautifully!

    I got tattoed by Wayde last Sunday :D (and will probably have to get it touched up because I’m bad and pick at irritated skin in my sleep, so the shading isn’t as dark as I’d like it to be, boo-urns).

    Still, he’s AWESOME.

  4. i cant stand bumbs and moles on my body.
    how does soem one deal wiht the raised skin and possible itching nad scratching probabilty it can cause

  5. @trip: It was hell healing it. The itching was driving me insane. But once it healed I only found the thickest scars on the bottom a little itchy now and then. It’s not much different than normal skin for me. And I don’t feel the texture unless I touch it with my hand.

  6. Wow, that’s so beautiful! It’s great to see these healed pictures, especially when they come out this nicely.

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