The Guess What Game (results)

Well, it’s been a long day of guesses, some people are right, some are wrong.  In the end there’s only one way to find out what the answers are, and that’s to keep reading.

Before we get to the answers, lets do a quick recap of todays pictures.

Round 1

round 1

Round 2

round 2

Round 3

round 3

Now that you’ve had your final chance to guess, it’s time to reveal the full images!

The first image of the day is from BME user xZBx.  This handsome young lad has uploaded several pictures recently, showing of his large lip piercing, his nostrils, medusa, and of course, the subject of round one, his big septum.

Round 1

Now on to round two.  So while labia piercings are relatively common female genital mods, not everyone goes the extra mile to turn them into a chastity project.  The anonymous submitter uploaded several images, some of which can be seen in the free piercing gallery, while others are available to subscribers in the chastity hard gallery.

Round 2

The eyes can definitely play tricks with you when looking at the small photo for round three, but when  you see the full size picture, everything will be made clear.

Round 3

Thanks to ConorRebel, the anal piercing gallery has a new addition.  Of all the piercings I see daily, I’ll have to admit, this one in particular has me wondering what the healing process is like for it.  If anyone has one and is willing to share, please do.

Well, that’s it for this week’s game.  How did you do?  Get them all correct, or were there a couple that left you puzzled.  And for the record, let it be known that there was no penis today!  Although there were some interesting additions to the hard galleries that some of you may be interested in checking out.  If you’re having difficulties seeing any of the non-hard galleries, make sure that you’re logged into your BME account.  If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for a free one today.

29 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (results)

  1. This web site brings me thing I’d never imagined to have seen in this life time. I love you, modblog.

  2. I got 2.5 out of three. I guessed: septum with pen in it, horizontal hood, and anus. I’m giving myself .5 on the labia cuz it’s a horizontal vag piercing. :-)\
    I don’t know from personal experience, but I also think the anus would be a pain in the ass to heal!!!!
    Seriously, if you have an experience with one, send it in!!!! We all are curious!

  3. number one was blindingly obvious, three was pretty easy as you could see a bit of star ;) i guessed 2 right, but it was just that… a guess.

  4. The healing process proceeded smoothly, there was complete healing after 2-3 months. After 4 months pierced anus from the top and the bottom started to stetching. At the moment there is only a reverse anal stretched to 0g

  5. the healing process proceeded well and ended after 2-3 months. Then pierced reverse anal -2g. The bottom began to streched to 6g. Since that time a year has passed. The bottom was torn out while riding a bike, the upper stretched to 0g and perfectly maintained without evidence of migration

  6. i never understood how someone could safely heal an anal piercing….wouldn’t you get blood poisoning?

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