No hooks needed …

If you have the balls for it … you don’t need hooks to suspend ;-)

Lassi suspending @ BMXnet Conference 2010

Lassi became a regular at BMXnet Show Nights (see more pictures from 2010 Conference) – every year he suprises everybody with his total craziness … we all thought that the legendary “PA Rip-Out by Donation Bucket” and his “Guiche Suspension” could not be excelled by anything … well we all have been proven wrong (again) this year … click for more if you have the balls …

Lassi hanging @ BMXnet Conference 2010

34 thoughts on “No hooks needed …

  1. WHy?? suspension is spiritual I can not see how this is anything other than painfull, each their own.

  2. That was intense. Watching him go through with it made my testicles want to shrink and hide. Kudos to Lassi for pulling it off!
    And I have a pretty good video of the whole thing (the dialogue between him and Håvve was priceless!) – if I find the time to edit it, I’ll send it your way.

  3. Thank you everyone :) Yeah I am glad aswel that it didn´t come off. What I have now is a beautifully purple bruise on my thigh from pulled muscles and scabs from several friction burns around the nutsack… Fun times :)

  4. i laughed my ass off ;-)

    btw, 20Euros in the Donation-Bucket this time were given by Dan Dringenberg who said “maybe he can pay the surgeon or at least alcohol to lower the pain…”

  5. Lassi is a master at pushing the envelope and crossing that line that makes us all cringe!
    This was deffintly one of those moments!
    Viva El Lassi!

  6. Wow! That is amazing. Fantastic. I have considered doing something like that myself. I’d very much like to see the video bastian mentioned. Happy to provide contact details, etc. Lassi, thanks for the demo, it is inspiring to all of us.

  7. I made a mistake of pulling myself up and due to that could not completely let go of the rope, third and the final try I slid my hand down the rope and used it only as a balance so was basicly suspended from my scrotum but couldn’t free my hand completely. Next time, I’ll ask someone to do the lifting for me :D Also the knots on the rope were wrong in the beginning so I had technical difficulties but in the end of the video you can see how the extra weight from me letting the rope hand go pulls the rope super taunt and it is starting to slip. Well. you live and learn :D

  8. I don’t even have a penis and this made me cross my legs nice and tight. Not something I would ever (well, could ever) do, but total props for making that look fun!

  9. :D I think next year I will have to give up on trying to top myself…. Well, maybe, I might have few tricks up the sleeve. Thank you to all for the positive feedback!

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  11. All I could think was…why did he leave his pants on around his ankles?…hahaha…idk what’s wrong with my brain. But, that bothers me like wearing socks during sex…

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