If at first you don’t succeed…

It was only two days ago that ModBlog had the return of the  anal piercing.  BME user ConorRebel was the one who sent in the image of a small gauge anal piercing.  Well, it seems that that piercing was just the start of things.


To see the unedited version, and what came next, just click on the read more button.


This time Conor has done a reverse anal piercing, with a 2g cbr.  Obviously with the blood, this is still fresh.  But the 2g was just the beginning.


Now fully healed, he managed to stretch it up to a 0g.  With how rare anal piercing submissions are, to see a fully healed one, that has been stretched no less, is something worth noting.

Does this mean every anal piercing is going to get ModBlogged?  Absolutely not, as I’m pretty sure after this week everyone will be ok with having a long break before the next time one is pierced.

As always, if you do want to see more piercings like this, just head on over to the anal piercing gallery.

16 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed…

  1. Though it’s not the type of piercing I would be inclined to get, it is fascinating, and damn good looking!

  2. yeah esp during the healing process or just after stretching…ouch. even i got limits of stuff i’d mod

  3. There’s this thing….its called a “bath”. You can do it after you poop…just soak your a-hole until its twinkling and summer fresh. I think this would get rid of any “sanitary issues” .

  4. i mean you cant take a bath after every time you shit.. what if youre at work? or a fast food restaurant?

  5. all i know is, i watched a porno once and this chick had her asshole pierced and she was feeding it with a huge ass dildo….if SHE can heal that piercing, im pretty sure anyone can.

  6. Fuck keeping it clean and making it heal proper I’m sure you can manage, but what about the hemorrhoids. Dang.

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