The Friday Follow-up

It’s Friday again, which means another edition of the Friday Follow-up!  This week’s scar was crafted by none other than Brian Decker.


According to Brian, he performed this scar a few years ago, and recently the client came into his shop to show him how they healed up.  Keep on reading to see how they turned out.

So here’s the same scars, from the same angle a few years later.


And here’s a detailed close-up of how they healed.


With last week’s scars being a pale color, this week needed a little color.  The owner of these scars healed up in a way that the scars turned a darker shade than his skin tone, as well as raising up a noticeable amount.

If you’re a scarification artist or someone who has scars, and you’d like to be featured in the Friday Follow-up, just submit your before and after images to BME, then drop me a line to let me know they’ve been submitted.

You can always check out more of Brian’s work in his own BME gallery, or heading over to his IAM page.

5 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. very nice !

    on the left is Mercury…is that Sagittarius on the righr (left side of body)? Not sure b/c i usually see the arrow open with Sag.

  2. SWiNE- I believe that’s one of the alchemical symbols for sulfur. The other is, as you said, mercury.

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