The Friday Follow-up

Well another week has come and gone, which means its time for this week’s follow-up.  You may remember this piece from a couple of months ago..


IAM: Eroswastika is the man responsible for this tribute to Frank Millar’s 300.

Now if you were wondering how it looks after a few months of healing, just keep reading.

(random movie quote)

Of course the full sized image can be seen in the scarification gallery, but even in this smaller version you can see that it’s holding the design well and the blood spatter is still noticeable.

As always, if you’ve got some scars you’d like to show off in the Friday Follow-up, just submit the before and after images to BME, and drop me a line letting me know that you did.

5 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. tiny dermal punch removals = look like rash. not intending to talk shit about the piece, it healed into a pretty impressive scar!

  2. This is the first scar I have actually liked the look of over the actually bloody mess.

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