The Guess What Game (Round 3)

It’s Tuesday all over again, which means it’s time for another edition of The Guess What Game!

Last week’s game only netted a couple of perfect scores, so let’s see if that number can improve this week.  Although I’m pretty sure this week might be the toughest week so far.

For those of you new to the game, the way to play is simple.  Over the course of the day, you’ll be presented with three cropped images.  In the comment sections of each post, write down what body part is in the image.  To make things interesting, each image will have some small clue as to what the part is.  At the end of the day the full images will be revealed and you’ll have a chance to see if you were right.  If you manage to get all three right, you win bragging rights for the week.  And now on with the game!

For round three, I initially thought this may be a difficult piercing to figure out, but looking again, it might be pretty simple.  I suppose it all depends on how well you know your anatomy, and what parts of the body can be pierced in what ways.

Guess What

Think you know what this is?  Post in the comments, then keep checking back here to find out what it is.

If you’re getting to the game late, and you’ve made your guess but can’t find the results, just click on the following link.  It will become active once the results are posted.

Click here to see the results!

If you missed the first two rounds, you can find round 1 here, and round 2 here.

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