The Friday Follow-up

Well, it’s back to Friday for this week’s follow-up post.  For those unfamiliar, every week ModBlog takes a look at some before and after pictures of scarification or branding pieces.

This week brings not only Brian Decker‘s handiwork, but also the drop dead gorgeous Joli Suicide.

The first two images, the before pictures, were taken at the Philly Tattoo Convention this past March.



To see how the scar healed up, keep on reading.

After the first three months, here’s how the scar looked.

3 months

And finally, here’s how the scar looks now, seven months after the initial cutting.

7 Months

As you can see, some of the thinner lines didn’t take as well as the thicker ones, but Joli did mention that another session with Brian will be happening when the two of them can get together.  Aside from the thinner lines not scarring up, the rest of the design filled out nice and thick.

You can see more of Brian’s work in his BME scarification portfolio.

Remember, every week the Friday Follow-up showcases the works of scarification artists the world over.  If you have before and after images of any of your scars, please submit them to BME.  All you need to do is sign in to your free account and upload the pictures.  Remember to include as many details as possible so everyone can get the proper credit.

25 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Honestly, I’m not a fan of how it turned out seven months later. The picture of when it was first done is gorgeous, and I would have loved the end result more if it scarred similarly to that. But I guess that’s also the risk you take with scarification, not knowing exactly how it will scar in the end. I’m interested to see how it’ll look further into the future.

  2. Gonna have to agree with Lish here, the stencil should have been rotated slightly, the design itself is crooked on your body.

  3. Regardless of if the thinner lines thickened up as much as the rest, I think it’s gorgeous! :-D Did you have to irritate it much for it to get like that? Or do you just keloid rather easily?

  4. joli – everyone’s body is crooked. an artist should’ve accounted for that & lined it up with the local defining lines. imo it would’ve been better off lining up with the natural crease of your stomach than your shoulders or whatever else he used.

    that said, it’s a nice piece. but about a one degree clockwise rotation would’ve been superior.

  5. Its Decker, therefore it can’t be crooked, he’s meticulous.
    Its a great piece, I’d love to scar like that.

  6. i agree it looks a little off and it looked really nice at first, but i’m not a fan of it 7 months later. :-/

  7. I thought it was pretty and elegant when it was fresh, but now it looks like a crooked sausage-y mess. =[

  8. the end result is rather unfortunate :( it looks greated before it keloided. i guess everyone heals scars differently..

  9. @LadyCanadia

    The scars below her breasts are older than this cut and show visible signs of keloiding, she knew what was going to happen, I suppose.

    It’s a high movement area, so obviously you’re going to get far more definition even in a hypertrophic scar, let alone with a history of keloiding.

  10. Both the initial cutting and the 7-months-healed scar look amazing.
    There’s something beautiful about the angular way in which it’s scarred. I love it.

  11. NikiNack: Genetics– if you are darker skinned (or come from darker skinned people– my dad is dark spanish/sicilian, and my mom is pale polish… I keloid, my bros dont…) you’ve got a better chance of keloiding…something like 15 times more likely. The keloid process is basically a defect in the cells that make skin– essentially, they spit out more collagen than they’re really s’posed to. Also if you irritate a fresh wound, its more apt to scar. Additionally, the older the scar, the flatter and more faded it’ll become..

    Wow… that’s a long bit of explanation. Hope it helped.

  12. a point to note if the crossing lines didnt touch it might have turned out better lets wait to see if the scar deminishes and see is she will get some additional recutting and tattooing to increase the effect of the piece

  13. i personally would scratch the fuck out this if it was on my body, im not fan of altered embossed skin, ill stick with tattoos

  14. The majority of the comments here are (I hope, obviously) beyond ridiculous.

    The piece is gorgeous and is not crooked whatsoever if you bothered to actually look. It’s scarification, not a tattoo, it changes as it heals with the body… as it is a scar… But most importantly, this is not a place for negativity or to criticize personal work people get done. It’s kind of appalling this is going on here.

    Joli, you’re beautiful as is your work. <3

  15. I agree with a lot of the comments on here. Thought it was gorgeous after the initial cutting but now… um to say nicely not a fan. But to each to their own I guess.

  16. never seen a better scar – beautifully raised, perfect colour and texture – nice & decorative pattern

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