The Guess What Game (Round 2)

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means!  Another edition of the Guess What Game!

Last week’s edition was a themed game, with the scrotum taking center stage.  This week, there isn’t a theme, which may or may not make things easier.  Of course, with this game, anything goes, so even if you think you know what something is, you could be completely wrong.  It really is amazing how many body parts can look similar when cropped just right.

For those new to the game, the rules are simple.  Throughout the day, you’ll be faced with three cropped images.  Your job is to figure out what body part/modification is being shown.  To make things a little easier, a clue will be given as to what is in the picture.  At the end of the day, the results will be revealed for all three pictures, and the winners will get bragging rights for the week.  Now, on to the game!

For round 2, the hole is stretched like the piercing in round one, but this time, the hole is a lot bigger.  Again, like round one, the angle of the shot is what makes this particular photo stand out.  It’s probably best you focus on where the hole is, as opposed to what you see through the hole as you’ll only get confused.

Guess What

Think you know what it is?  Post your guesses in the comment section below.

If you are joining the game late, make sure you check out round one.

Want to see the results?  Click here to see them (link will become active when the results are posted)

22 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Round 2)

  1. your looking through thin level of skin on the body……… its a clear window opening to something……its very blown up the skin texture is recognizable……… ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    no freakin clue!!!!!!!!

  2. Its for sure a penis. Saw this in the gallery, was wondering what is going on with it. Kind of like a stretched shaft apadravya? I’m not sure…

  3. Stretched apadravya with a tunnel through the glans looking through the penis / bottom hole.
    I have a feeling that’ll be a fail but who knows.

  4. i have NO clue. i keep thinking those are teeth. i will go with glands, since it is so wonderfully vague.

  5. I think its an Apadravya. But the top half (the part before the urethra is stretched and is using a tunnel.

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