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It’s not uncommon for a photo to be posted on ModBlog with only the bare minimum of details provided.  As much as the writers here try to get information, sometimes it just isn’t possible.  Thankfully there are readers like IAM:Trinket. who not only submit images to BME, but also stories.  Now you may remember Trinket. from a few months back when her boyfriend proposed to her during a chest pull.  This time around Trinket. is sharing the story behind her recent lotus suspension.

Keep reading to hear Trinket.’s story.

Paradise Trails – by Trinket.

Yesterday was amazing. I’m fairly sure this was my most emotional suspension so far. Lots of me almost crying.

I suspended for Zane Whitmore’s movie Feet Off the Ground and it was most definitely worth the 23 hour day I had.

I woke up at 4.42am and was out of the house by 5.30. Headed over to Zane’s and hit traffic so I didn’t get there until 9am. We all hit the road at about 10. After some great breakfast in Puyallup we headed to Mt. Rainier, about an hour and a half drive. We drove up to the Paradise parking lot then hiked maybe a mile to a nice little clearing. Once the bears left (I’m not joking) we decided that they weren’t a threat and we got set up.

I decided to go up 6pt Lotus. We threw my 2 back hooks and I decided to let Zane and the guys set up before we threw thee legs. Fortunately, the lovely Justin Bear was around and Zane and he threw my legs tandem. I swore and yelled a bit. Once that was done they finished setting up the rigging and what not then it was time to go.

It took me a bit to get up. I almost cried. I said I couldn’t do it. I bitched that it hurt. After probably 5 or 10 minutes I finally did it. I was almost off the ground and I told him to get me up. Begin huge continuous smile here.

Right after or right before I got up (I really can’t remember) I mentioned Twisted Cedars and the lovely Nizhoni Ellenwood and how I wished she was there because I had the trouble getting up and wished she was there to sing (that girl has an amazing voice) and I swear, not 5 minutes after I said that and got up a couple walked by and after they found out what we were doing the guy pulled out a wooden flute and started playing something that sounded like her singing. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or smile more from how happy that made me. Sometimes, higher powers do listen.

Once I was up, I was set. I almost started crying again from being so happy. The view was breathtaking, I had Mt. Rainier behind me and I had the whole mountain in front of me to look down on and it was nothing but blue skies. The longer I stayed up the more I relaxed. All I could do was smile the whole time. Zane spun me around a bit and got a slow rock going so I could see everything around me. I still swear there was a part of the mountain that looks like Yoda or a lemur. For the most part I just relaxed and zenned out. I took in the beauty of everything around me. I let go of some things that had been bothering me and I took a moment to take pride in myself for what I’ve done.

I came down after about 20 minutes… I think. Zane, Justin, Matt, or Sean would be the people to ask about that. I started to get really cold and decided I was done. I started to go into a mild shock according to the guys so they got the hooks out of me and got the majority of the blood off as quickly as they could so I could put clothes on and warm up.

We tore down and packed up and made the hike back down. It was almost full dark by the time we were done loading the car and what not. We stopped for some dinner on the way back to Seattle at this tasty little local place at the base of the mountain. Justin and I napped off and on during the drive back. When I wasn’t napping I was listening to the guys talk about the movie and life in general. After everybody who needed to be in Seattle was dropped off I cleaned up a bit more and geared up to make my late night drive back home. It was about 11pm at this time so I had already been up for over 12 hours and I had worn myself out pretty good. I got home safe and in one piece after 2 failed coffee stops (3rd try was a charm) and getting turned around after leaving one of the failed coffee places and back tracking for about 10 minutes. I managed to not fall asleep at the wheel and finally got home around 3am.

Overall. It was a spectacular day and I don’t think I would have changed a thing about it. I met amazing new people, I tried a new suspension, I saw breathtaking sites, and all in all I had a blast.

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7 thoughts on “It’s Story Time

  1. Reading this here makes me miss the experience review system of the old BME even more. And I can’t wait for “Feet off the Ground” – the footage I’ve seen so far is awesomely well done.

  2. I want to thank Trinket for mentioning me here. I have been piercing professionally for a couple years now and this was easily one of the most powerful experiences I have felt in the mod community. I met Trinket for the first time that day, and I feel like the events of the day have brought us together to be friends that share something special. I had seen live suspension before, but never had the chance to participate, nor witness it in such a beautiful natural setting. The whole experience was very moving.

    Trinket mentions the man coming up and playing the flute, but what she didn’t see was that I was just on my knees about ten feet away with tears streaming down my face. It was one of the most beautiful things I have had the opportunity to witness, and I am so thankful for Zane, Tati, Sean, and Matt for bringing me along on this trip. It will be forever remembered.


    Justin Bear

  3. This may be one of my favorite posts :) Thank you sooooo much for sharing this with the community. It is greatly appreciated!!!

  4. aw, justin! <3 you’re gonna make me cry talking about it that way!

    It really was an amazing experience though and i feel so lucky to have been able to hang with the people i did that day. I can’t wait for “Feet Off the Ground” to be finished, it’s going to be such an incredible movie

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