The Friday Follow-up

This week’s follow-up is a bit of a bloody affair.  For the most part, the Friday Follow-ups have focused on flesh removal scarification.  This week’s scar is the seldom seen dermabrasion scarification (more info).  For all of you who get a little squeamish at the thought of cutting off your skin, imagine having a dremal tool grind away at your flesh.  Now it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, this type of scarification is rare for a reason.  The risks of spreading any blood borne pathogen are extremely high due to the nature of the procedure.  To give you an idea, just think of how much sawdust is kicked up when someone is sanding a piece of wood.  Now replace the sawdust with blood.

Now with that all said, lets take a look at this week’s scar sent in by Brian Wood from Golden Spiral Studio in Greensboro, NC.


To see how it healed up, keep on reading.


Brian didn’t send in any information as to how long the scar has been healing up until this point, but it does appear to still have some scabs, so I’m guessing it’s probably only a week or two old.  Hopefully we can revisit this one again in a few months time to see how the piece heals up over time.

If you’re a scarification artist, or someone who has gotten scarification work done, send in your fresh and healed pictures to BME.  Next week it could be your scar featured in the Follow-up.

6 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. hmmm, I was unaware that golden spiral did scarification… I’m gonna have to check that out next time I’m in town.

  2. i’ve passed this studio many times, i didn’t even know they did scarification, much less this type! neato.

  3. wow, it looks very neat, the lines are so crisp, I wouldn’t expect that from abrasion tools!
    would be nice to see the completely healed scar.

  4. I am completely amazed at how nice this looks. it has to be my favorite scarification piece I have ever seen.

  5. As far as I know they didn’t do them until Brian rolled in. Check them out for sure next time you’re in town. Getting my next appointment set up soon.

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