The Guess What Game (Round 3)

Another week, another Tuesday, and another edition of the Guess What Game!  If you remember last week, a few people got all three correct and lot were really close with two of the three, with their third guess being extremely close.

For those new to the game, the rules are simple.  Throughout the day, you’ll be faced with three cropped images.  Your job is to figure out what body part/modification is being shown.  To make things a little easier, a clue will be given as to what is in the picture.  At the end of the day, the results will be revealed for all three pictures, and the winners will get bragging rights for the week.  Now, on to the game!

Just because round two wasn’t a piercing doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned them altogether.  Round three brings a pair of piercings that loop through a single body part.  The first thing you should think of is how large are the piercings, and then think how zoomed in the photo is.  Just because something appears to be one size, from a distance it can seem very small.  Yet when you get up close, it can grow in size.

Guess What

Think you know what it is?  Post your guesses in the comment section below.

If you’re getting here late, make sure to check out round one and round two.

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