Birds of a feather

I think the word exquisite seems appropriate at this moment.  Caspoorly sent in this photo of her new chestpiece done by Meghan Patrick from 12oz Studios in Brooklawn, NJ.  My initial thought was that the birds were some type of owl, but after getting a closer look, I’m pretty sure they aren’t.  The central figure seems more of a spiritual image rather than an actual bird, while the two side birds are just staggeringly beautiful.  Scratch that, the whole thing is a masterpiece.  Caspoorly is one lucky woman to be able to wear that for the rest of her life.

25 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. Megan does great work, I don’t personally have anything by her, but along with this piece she’s doing an incredible full back piece that’s wonderful on a friend of mine.
    Thumbs up for Megan, and Lindsay for getting a sweet tattoo :)

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