Ask and ye shall receive!

The other day, I got an email from a BME user named Johan, who asked if we couldn’t add a “foot tattoos” section. Given that we have a section for hand tattoos and facial and neck tattoos, it seemed a little strange that we didn’t have one already. So, I created a new section for foot tattoos! It’s looking a little bare right now though in the couple of days since I’ve added it I’ve had several submissions to it so I think that’s a good sign!

Here’s where I ask you, readers, is there a section you’d like to see in the BME galleries? I’m not making any promises but if there’s a section that you think should be there, that isn’t right now, let’s hear it.

This foot is brought to you by *chineedred* who, unfortunately, didn’t provide us with any details about the artist.



9 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive!

  1. Its a beautiful tattoo, but with no outlining, and placed on an area of the foot that doesn’t hold ink very well, well, I’d like to see this in a year or two. But it really is pretty.

  2. This is beyond gorgeous. I love the lack of outlines… it looks like a watercolor painted on the skin :)

  3. Pretty! I’m willing to bet that hurt a lot — check the ankle swelling. *cringe* Then again I’m the wuss that wanted to throw up having my ribs done …

  4. The artist is me!! Keegan Lam, currently back and forth between Forever Yonge Ink in Toronto and Newcombes Ink in Halifax. I did this tattoo while I was working at Artistic Integrity.

  5. fucking awesome

    love the lack of an outline. it doesn’t look like a coloring book picture and the lack of hard edges is great on a woman

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