Beauty Over Harm: Part 2

When I first posted this piece it got a lot of positive comments,  and a lot of people wanted to know how it would look healed. Well Tami was nice enough to shoot me an email a picture of it healed.


As you can see the scar looks pretty awesome a few months down the road. As with any scar it will continue to change and evolve as the years pass but it should always be a bit bolder than then self harm scars below it and that is a huge triumph for Tami and Jesse (who did this cutting) both.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Over Harm: Part 2

  1. I’d like to see how this looks when the scarification has faded to the same colour as the SH scarring,

  2. I’ve seen a few good looking scarifications but this looks like shit to me. I definitely prefer the way tattoos look to this. I do mainly dig scarification on solid black work though.

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