BMEtv – Astronautalis

The BME Tour group met up with Seattle based musician Astronautalis while he was touring in Australia. While not the most heavily tattooed musician out there, it seems that Astronautalis has a plan for his collection of tiny tattoos. Check out the interview.

Keep reading to see the interview!

10 thoughts on “BMEtv – Astronautalis

  1. @Erin: Give it a moment to load. It was taking a while for me last night when Rachel and I were putting these together.

  2. I love him. He’s probably the most skilled freestyle rapper I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

  3. Ally: Can you be a little more specific about the problem you’re having with the audio?

    Video not loading: The video is coming from our servers so it will take a while for the caching to catch up. Once they have been loaded enough times, they’ll begin to load more quickly.

    After the new version of IAM launches, we’ll be set to start on the modblog updates which will include a much smoother video player which will have all the functions of youtube etc and a whole lot less of the limitations of wordpress.

  4. The video loads fine for me, but on this one and the previous one the audio quality is just bad and it’s hard to hear/understand what they’re saying. I understand this one was recorded in a club so that could count for the bad quality of the audio on the show, but maybe Chez could help with that?

  5. I’m not sure exactly what Ally is referring to Rachel, but what I hear is abrupt fade ins and outs, a poor mix balance and the vocal needs to be compressed and maximized so it’s actually sitting higher in the mix than the music. The background noise in the shop can be addressed through creative EQing as well. A few quick fixes and I think the sound quality of these videos could be greatly increased. Let me know if you’d like any help there!

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