Don’t look down…

First a warning.  If you suffer from acrophobia, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time looking at the following photos.

In an effort to continually push boundaries, The Sinner Team from Moscow decided to celebrate Alex’s first suspension by doing it in an interesting location.  700ft in the air.

So if you’re afraid of heights, now would be a good time to move on to another post.  If not, keep on reading.

To give you a little perspective, here’s the view from the top.

And here’s how the suspension looked from the very top of the tower.

Head to the suicide suspension gallery to see the rest of the photos from Alex’s suspension.

29 thoughts on “Don’t look down…

  1. these guys are incredibly innovative in increasingly scary ways…the suicide free fall video was insane! can’t wait to see more

  2. Let’s not forget that they had to climb with all their gear to the top! I can imagine the rush when he finally got to hang without using his arms.

  3. ok…. devil’s advocate here… bringing a valid point…

    if the susdendee passed out, or suffered any type of trauma that left him immobile or impaired…. how the fuck did the group intend to bring him down for help?

  4. also a few months back there was the guy who’s flesh tore while suspending. that would of sucked up there.

  5. @7

    my point exactly…

    the sinner team with this and the ‘free fall’ suspension (which was also from a considerable elevation) seems to take some rather serious risks for the purpose of suspension…

    i don’t mind risks, nor do i say that risks shouldn’t be taken…

    but, when a risk is taken in the way that these people are taking them, the rewards don’t seem to make up for it…

    if the free fall suspension, or this suspension, had a tragic outcome… that would be a blow not only to the suspendee’s family, friends, and acquaintances.. but also to the suspension and modification community…. in the same way as a hack tattoo artist spreading hepC to his gullible clients is a blow to the respectable tattoo artist community and public image…

    yes, they got some good photos… but i see absolutely no safety rigging on anyone in the second and third photo…..
    yes, there was safety rigging on the suspendee in the free fall suspension, but it was only a standard climbing harness, not one that would provide adequate protection from fall or compounded injury if the hooks/flesh had failed…

  6. Great shots but it does seem to be full of ways to have gone wrong, such as the guy holding the safety line falling onto the suspendee etc.

  7. i agree cris, these guys have gone too far, crossed the line, they should be shunned. we can’t abide people going around doing whatever they like with their bodies, it could be dangerous.

  8. radical photos, striking and all. and while some of you point out the life-threatening risks involved, I think these guys can decide for themselves whether they’re worth taking. I mean really, if someone wants to chop of body part of or commit suicide for that part, it’s up to them. there will always be a risk of accidents involved in body modification and suspension, especially when people attempt to push the limits (something that will always be done by some).

  9. The tower may be 700 feet tall, but it looks like there is a platform under him with some gear on it, so he’s not actually going to fall that far if his flesh should tear or anything like that. That’s what it looks like to me, anyway.

  10. Actually I take that back. Having a closer look they all appear to be wearing safety harnesses. More power too them, lots of guts and a eye on safety as well.

  11. Ok. I’m not scared of heights, but those pics are dizzying. wow. they have giant brass balls for what they do.

  12. oh shit the info on the pics on bme says it was dude’s first suspension?
    i support people doing the dumbest shit ever, but hanging someone seven hundred feet for their first time?
    that’s like
    ‘hey i’ve never eaten a hamburger before’
    ‘oh yeah? eat this one with seven hundred pattys!!’

  13. oh my god, I thought he would be dangling over the earth with NO platform underneath…now THAT thought makes me queasy!

  14. If you look closely at the photo – you’ll see that the height of suspension above the platform of the tower is about 10-12ft. And Alex is wearing harness. I have a guestion for Cris Black: is a 10ft. suspension in harness safe? Here is another photo of this suspension, where you can clearly see the harness:

    And about free fall video: in the previous post on modblog i wrote more information about equipment that we use – so you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG in words like “yes, there was safety rigging on the suspendee in the free fall suspension, but it was only a standard climbing harness, not one that would provide adequate protection from fall or compounded injury if the hooks/flesh had failed”. ALL our systems are dublicated.

    What are you talking about here? That the risk of such suspension is too big? Well, you can`t even imagine THE EXPIRIENCE that Alex had. He was only in 10ft. heigh of the platform, but he will remember this suspension like a 700ft. flight! For all his life he will have something that he PROUD. Falling from 10ft wearing harness – IS NOT A RISK.

  15. i don’t look at this as just a suspension- i’ll put this in league with base jumpers or other extreme adrenalin junkie sports! haha, you have to be all sorts of crazy to wanna do that! :D

  16. @ 22. Stanislav
    You could point out where other people or me were wrong (the harness is clearly not connect to the suspension block, I was wrong) and we could point out other clear and certain problems.
    None of that matters. This is not about anybody attacking you or your team, or about you defending yourself.

    There have been a lot of safety concerns regarding your suspensions. It does not matter how good or safe you are, you should be contacting other suspension teams, climbers, anybody with relevant knowledge (local and worldwide) and finding out if you can make this safer.

    I genuinely hope to see more of this kind of stuff and more from you guys, but even safer.

  17. No, I don`t think about attacking my team – just wanted to add details about this suspension. Of course we understand the risks of extreme suspensions and continue to work to improve our skills of safety. In august 2010 to our team joined a mountaineer which is professionally engaged in rope-jumping for last 3 years. Now we are working in rope-jumping (not with hooks – just rope) with the massive flow of customers – this is the great oppotunity to constantly evolve in the field of mountaineering for all team. We are always learning))

    I just want to say that this suspension is not so scary – it is just 10ft. suspension with harness. With great scenery))

  18. @ 24

    Any body mod is a risk.
    Getting up in the morning is a risk.
    Living is a risky business man.

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  20. Rob – Yes. Everything is a risk. Suspensions can be risky. But the group doing it shouldn’t be ignoring or writing off risks.
    I’ve seen a lot of this groups “work”, videos and such, and they’re probably the most reckless towards safety, that I’ve ever seen.

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