20 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Much better than the picture I have on my phone. It looks so good finished. Miss you kid.

  2. I think they just look bigger because of the negative space. That or you’re just one of those people with tiny nipples.

  3. Jon P, is that a serious question? With the quality of the tattoo at hand, you feel the need to focus on the nipples, of the very obvious male? ridiculous.
    and i agree with varevinc, i’m not a usual fan of this style, but this is utterly ridiculous/amazing.

  4. nice pubic hair. why isn’t it lime green? and btw, apparently you have massive nipples. but tell tony he did a kickass job.

  5. Glad you like it, we’ll have to take a trip down to ATL next time we are town. And thanks, Jon, for letting me know abt my nipple inadequacies (or overadequacies?). But fyi, they are the exactly the size that wiki quotes for male nipples, in case you you were wondering… so please eat a dick

  6. They’re not even big anyway, not that it matters. The contrast makes them stand out and look bigger.

  7. @quality

    lol dude, you actually went and measured them after this comment? Just ignore shit like this.

  8. Hahaha, jesus, lighten up. It wasn’t meant negatively, just jiving ya! Bigger nipples = more surface area for your lady to play with. It ain’t a bad thing. :)

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