Beauty Over Harm

The last few times we’ve done a Beauty Over Harm post, the focus has been on putting a scarification piece over top of self harm scars.  I’m not going to put this behind a click-through, but if you are prone to being triggered by images of self harm scars, then you probably should move on to the next post.

BandagesandButterflies sent in several photos of her arms to the ritual cutting and ritual branding galleries.  While some of the photos are just of the scars, this photo in particular is of a tattoo she has that not only covers some of her scars, but also incorporates them into the design.  It’s hard to see, but the gaps in the leaves are scars, the picture in embiggenable, so just click it to get a closer look.

Tattoo by Taylor from Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis, MN

8 thoughts on “Beauty Over Harm

  1. Tobias- Could also be the top of a lighter. Just light the lighter, let it heat up, put flame out then press.

  2. Burn scars also tend to get larger as they heal… especially if you pick at them.

  3. It is very pretty, but I don’t quite see how the scars are “incorporated” into the design. Unless the centers of the “leaves” are scars too?

  4. (not to be a hater, but as a girl with scars and tattoos and some scars that nobody will tattoo, I’m curious!)

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