Bound, by wild desire

IAM: Lesha.FFG makes being tied up look good.  She also is today’s Friday BMEgirl.  You already know you have to skip ahead to see the uncensored photo, so why are you still reading this?

If you’re looking for more BMEGirls, there’s a gallery full of them for BME Hard subscribers.

16 thoughts on “Bound, by wild desire

  1. Ach mein Gott! She is gorgeous
    I love me some bondage and pierced nipples so this is a double treat for me:P

  2. This shouldn’t even be blurred. It’s very tasteful. Damn society and their practices. Lol. Very lovely photo.

  3. Very Hot. and i agree with joe, tastefull nudity should not be subject to censorship.

  4. @Joe & Garrett: It’s been ModBlog policy for several years now that the main page has censored images, as we do have a number of readers who check ModBlog from work. Basically any image that would be considered NSFW for most workplaces get hidden behind a clickthrough.

  5. And by years that means pretty much since day 1. If you go back to the early days you can see examples of the same thing. There are a variety of reasons why people may not want nudity to pop up on their screen (tasteful or otherwise). It’s nice to give people a warning and a choice of clicking through or not.

  6. oh no way it was from day 1

    tits were always all over the place

    other things were censored though

  7. Pics like this remind me of how much I HATE having big boobs. So damn jealous :/

  8. @Rob & Jen I think the issue here is that many of us find the fact that our society is so strict in its rules on what its an acceptable level of nudity to be rediculous. Especially given the way the media floods us with images of ALMOST naked women and occasionally men. I agree with your stance given the situation. its the situation that is stupid. >_<

    Also, Gorgeous. i want one of her.

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