Oslo Suscon – Day 2


After a day that won’t soon be forgotten, it was good to come back to Oslo Suscon this morning. People are of course shook up about the bombings and shootings that tragically took place yesterday; but the communal spirit among everyone here is truly wonderful, and aides in coping through it.

Last night we had the premiere showing of the Free Fall Suspension documentary, and people seemed to share my intrigue and enthusiasm for this new concept. Today Marte did her talk on Pain as Medication, and it was a very moving hour, with very brave personal statements. She spoke about her journey from what she saw as self-harm to a more positive use of pain, and about the impact of the Fakir Academy.

Later in the evening, we got a very interesting performance from Louis Fleischauer Olive, and Matt. It was a sort of sound installation, using hooks and suspensions, springs, and some truly terrifying masks and costumes. The viewing audience were also encouraged to partake in the performance, beating sticks to the ground and different objects.

Another mention goes to the Precarious Egg film team (Matt, Zane, Leif, and Shaun), who are working on a documentary called Feet off the Ground. They are here all weekend filming, and have said they’ll try and make a video clip available from their suscon footage before the weekend ends. More on this later.

Meanwhile, please go to Wings of Desire’s galleries for pictures from the suscon, as I am still photographically challenged!

2 thoughts on “Oslo Suscon – Day 2

  1. Between Leif doing His First Suspension and Rolf hanging for the 100th Time, from 100 hooks (!!), this is shaping up to Be an interesting Third Day too! :)

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