The Devil’s Tightrope – Part 2

I know it was just yesterday when we saw the 4 person devil’s tightrope pull, but when I saw these photos in the Mercury Suspension Team’s gallery I knew I had to share them.

These photos were taken backstage after the show, and is made up of a 2 person pull featuring Bradde with the hat, and 2 others (I’m sure Benolyn will post in the comments their names so I can give them credit).  Now in the first photo everything is going great, and you can see Bradde is definitely feeling the pull.  In the second photo, well, that’s the face of someone who just realized the person on the tightrope just fell onto it.

They also give you a much better look at just how intense this stunt is, which means it’s something you probably shouldn’t do unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

11 thoughts on “The Devil’s Tightrope – Part 2

  1. Looks like the tightrope walker is wearing a Dra shirt.

    Why do I notice shit like that instead of what should be important?

  2. Being a slackline enthusiast myself, I would say he is dismounting or doing a seated maneuver rather than falling.

    Either way, whatever he is doing is definitely changing the dynamics of the rope and therefore changing the way the hook is aligned and/or the amount of weight its bearing.

    [I am not a piercer nor have I done a suspension, (yet) but I have been rock climbing for years]

  3. Great observation Doc. Flec is actually mounting the rope on the 2nd pic. . Honestly the look on my face is out of pure exhaustion & the thought of the hooks popping out of my back. I really like the look on the 1st shot, it totally looks like I shit myself…LOL
    We will be performing a little different version of this act on August 11th so look for some more pics :)

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