Annie get your gun

Kicking off this fine Monday morning with the latest from Gabor Zagyvai.  Given Gabor’s style is normally uber-minimal, it’s refreshing to see something a little different from him.  As you all know, I’m Canadian, so my gun knowledge isn’t the best so I’m not even going to guess at what type of rifle this is.

9 thoughts on “Annie get your gun

  1. That is an AK-47, although I’m sure somebody will think it’s an M1 Garand with some type of extended mag (They’d be wrong).

    From NEwfoundland with love,
    Paul Carcass

  2. Very nice piece. @paul, dont see how someone would guess m1 garand, it has a pistol grip for starters. Only the para trooper garand came with one and that defiantley aint it.

  3. “I wanted to invent an engine that could run for ever. I could have developed a new train, had I stayed in the railway. It would have looked like the AK-47 though.” – Mikhail Kalashnikov

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