BME Shop is having a sale!!

Been holding off on picking something up from the BME Shop?  Well wait no longer.  For a limited time everything is 30% OFF!  With the holidays fast approaching what better time than now to get some stocking stuffers like BME keychains.

Or maybe you need to stock up on supplies like play piercing needles?

The sale includes jewelry too, which could be a great gift for that special someone.

So act now because the sale could end at any time!

Just head on over to the BME Shop and use the promo code: 30offbme when you check out.

6 thoughts on “BME Shop is having a sale!!

  1. Are yall trying to get rid of the bme shop and just not have it any more? You keep having all these awesome sales, but there is never any new stock or products. would love to buy something if there was anything in apparel sizes that werent XXXL or any jewelery that was in more than one random size

  2. I have to agree with shiza, are you trying just to clear *ALL* stock or do things just sell out SO quickly that it never seems to show in stock?

    I keep looking at the bme logo tshirts and they are always out of stock of mens small and mens medium :(

  3. Does no-one find it weird that the BME keychains feature Shannon’s tattoo, when the new incarnation of BME has done it’s best to rid any evidence of Shannon even being here?

  4. Nice special but shipping cost still up to 25$ to send something that cant fit in a enveloppe its still to expensive sorry…

  5. Hi guys will you be getting somemore of the calm hoodies in size medium? Really really really want, no need one :-)))

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