A Piercing Performance – Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, Dimitri from MTL Tattoo put together a number of piercing performance pieces.  The first involved a woman covered in piercings, with string holding her in place.  This next one involves a number of corsets, which he uses to create the illusion of lingerie.

To see how the corsets are arranged, you’ll have to keep on reading.

For the bra he used several piercings on her chest, combined with a small traditional corset on her upper back to hold it in place.

And for the rest, he used a series of series of interlocking corsets on both her front and back.


As with the first piece, you can’t really get the full scope of the project from these few photos.  So head on over to the corset piercing gallery to check out the entire set.

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13 thoughts on “A Piercing Performance – Part 2

  1. Wow, that is wild. Really exquisite work. I love to think about how the temporary nature of these piercings makes the art so ephemeral. Love it.

  2. i am so happy! thank you BME and everyone else!! seeing this amazing photo just made my life much better.

  3. It’s funny that people wax poetic about the pics when they’re thinking the same thing as I am: what does she FEEL like?

  4. just when i think there cant be anything new with corsets, i see this. inspiring, beautiful and unique… love it!

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