Beauty over Harm

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Beauty over Harm post, and at first glance I didn’t even realize that this was one.  For those that don’t know, the Beauty over Harm posts are a series that Sean started earlier in the year.  It was inspired by those people who have had issues with self harm and have taken steps to move forward.  For the most part these posts are meant to look at how those who have suffered from SI in the past can take the reminder of something negative and turn it into a positive, thereby reclaiming their body.  Previous posts have seen both scarification and tattoos used in this manner, however today’s post features piercings in place of the other techniques.

Keep in mind that there are SI scars in this photo, so if they are triggering to you, it’s best to skip this post.

Bart Bastiaanse from Tribal Trading in Tilburg, The Netherlands was the piercer.  According to the description he used custom surface bars for this piece.

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10 thoughts on “Beauty over Harm

  1. @Andraealynne: I do if they’re fresh/bleeding, but for older scars, especially in this context I don’t. However if a number of people request it behind a clickthrough I certainly don’t have a problem with it.

  2. This is a great category I hope to see more! I myself have had problems and deli pig my canvas around my scars has been very healing and has helped me to accept them as who I am.

  3. I think she means it’s silly to have a warning next to photo itself. By the time you’ve seen the warning, you’ve already seen the picture.

    I don’t care personally, but it does seem rather nonsensical

  4. I saw the picture before I saw the warning. I mean, if you’re going to put a “this image might be triggering” warning, it’s usually good to hide the image. If you’re not going to put it behind a click-through, the warning is pointless. People look at the pictures before reading any text. It’s how we skim out info that isn’t relevant to our interests.

    I like the design. I can’t tell if it’s fresh or well-healed in the photo, but if it’s fresh, I wish them luck in keeping that piece.

  5. I really like the way this looks. I’m curious of how the placement was done and what the jewellery looks like on it’s own. Very nice :)

  6. i uploaded a picture of the jewellery today. It is not the piece i used but I made a simular one just to show Sisu what kind of jewellery i used to make this piercing.

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