16 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. I like abstract, but I even wonder if this is completely done or just the beginning of a bigger abstract tattoo.

  2. That’s not art.
    May be it looks more or less ok when you see the whole “tattoo” on a person, but when some part of it is covered with clothes it’ll look like a dirt or large drops of ink but definitely not like a tattoo and definitely not like a piece of art.

  3. To “perfectself” – if it doesn’t fit into your narrow minded definition of art it doesn’t mean it’s not art and really no one is interested in your silly judgements. The tattoo is beautiful.

  4. I actually love this style….However, I am confused. Is her back kind of green, or did I miss something?

  5. loveloveloveit! I’d say there’s more “art” in this than on the millions of people who have one tattoo – a piece of flash they picked off a wall.

  6. To “Sarah” – I saw a number of times how people with this “art” asked for cover-up or laser tattoo removal at the studio I worked in. So yeah, it’s just all about my “narrow minded definition of art”. Hey, and who the hell said somebody is interested in your opinion?

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