X Marks the Spot

Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Why is Rob posting a simple nipple piercing?”  Well, suppose that it isn’t just a standard nipple piercing?  Of course to make things safe for those who may be browsing ModBlog from work, I’ve hidden it behind the big X.

To see what I’ve hidden, keep on reading.

That isn’t just a stick-on gemstone.  Joeltron has placed a microdermal right in the areola, giving this standard female nipple piercing a pretty unique look.

9 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot

  1. Are they both done? Are they angled in a complementary way? otherwise it looks off balance to me, I like things in pairs, symmetry is art, and what not… I don’t know if it stands on its own… It’s impressive but I think one is kind of out of place… thoughI almost lost my mind having a tattoo on one arm and not the other, so what do I know?

  2. Just so everyone knows, the nipple piercing is not by me. We wanted to do something to accent her existing nipple piercing and give it a lil bling.

    We played with a central placement, however aerola never really have a middle and it looked odd with a bit of distance.

    I can’t wait to get a healed pic of this one, maybe with a “slave” ring attachment to makee it look like a little second nipple!

  3. I have both of mine double-pierced and I agree with rainbowdash, the asymmetry would drive me crazy! I have a bunch of piercings on my body and I have the same amount on the right side as I do on the left side haha

  4. @joeltron, I think the microdermal is great, I don’t even mind the placement, I just think it’s actually *so* nice that it should have a friend on the other side :)

    @alicia, I have pretty much the same amount of piercings in my ears [which are not nipples, I know] but the industrial bar on the left is off set by extra helix on the right side just to kind of even it out numberwise even if its not exactly mirroring eachother, it still makes it not so bare.

  5. @rainbowdash, Exactly! I don’t have the same piercings on either side, just the same amount. Otherwise I think it would look awkward. =P

  6. @Alicia, I’m glad that other people do this too ^_^ but I’ve seen people with 1 single tragus with no plans of doing the other and I find THAT off putting… or drastically different gauge plugs always make me have to find my zen before speaking… cartilage is kind of mix and match but there are some things that feel to me like they need to be paired, and nipples are one of them–

    I want to get my nipples done but it’s a weird situation, I have to keep going to a plastic surgeon for the next couple months maybe til next year to reduce scar tissue, maybe laser treatment and I think it would sketch him out if he took 5 pounds of meat from me just for me to y’know [enjoy my own body?] fill it full of new scars he wasn’t responsible for?

    Maybe next year, probably after weight loss if that is in the cards for me. I’d probably want to try something like a D ring because it has all of the stability of a barbell and all of the ring of a captive bead

    @Joeltron, what an amazing little project that would be, I wasn’t criticizing you or your work here, for myself I don’t usually like a lot of bling, but I even thought the gem was nice and femmey… I would think pairing them with a cbr like http://bodyartforms-products.bodyartforms.com/1253.jpg would be near perfect but I guess they’re not our boobs

  7. @Joel

    I heard putting dermals in areas like the nipple was dangerous. Any insight to that rumor?

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