Casting Call!!

Alright NYC ModBloggers, we’ve got a casting call for anyone with heavy modifications.

Law & Order SVU is looking to feature people with extreme body modifications for the upcoming episode “Strange Beauty.” Specifically, we are looking for people with large sub dermal implants, pointed ears, filed teeth, and other alterations and amputations, extreme piercings, and scarification. This is a paid gig in the NYC area, most likely near Coney Island, and will include a brief on-camera feature, no speaking, and no experience necessary. Depending upon the scene and your involvement, rates will vary starting at the regular SAG (Screen Actors Guild) background rate of $142.00 for 8 hours with overtime after 8 hours. The tentative work date is Friday, April 27th. All inquiries about rates and specifics welcome.

Please email photos and contact info to Dominic at [email protected]

He mentioned to me that they might be considering suspensions, so NYC suspension teams, drop them a line as well.

3 thoughts on “Casting Call!!

  1. That’s standard pay for the type of work being offered. Essentially they’ll just be standing around in the background.

  2. The “Law and Order” production companies are the cheapest companies around. This is from personal experience. They honed their cost cutting techniques during the dozen seasons of the original Law and Order. While what Rob said is somewhat true, you’ll also be shown as a freak. Modiied people will not be shown in a good light. if you get any camera time at all after the editing. As always SAG talent will get preferential treatment (and better pay) on the set over the non-SAGs.

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