9 thoughts on “Portrait in blue

  1. looking at that album, it seems as though no one knows the meaning of “abstract”

    but I love this. reminds me of my stuff.

  2. Oh nevermind, that album is called “new skool”

    you’re the only one who doesn’t know the meaning of abstract :P

  3. @meow: There is no abstract album so I linked to the gallery that the submitter put it in. And when do we get to see your stuff?

  4. Incredible! I really dislike all “photorealistic style” portraits, but this one is stunning with its sketchy character.

  5. I am a fan of any artist who dares push the envelope. It will help tattooing grow.

  6. Oh I guess I kind of left out that I was talking about my art – not tattoos. whoops.

  7. I love the kinda dribbly ink bits in brownish red – those look like they were super hard to do. Its rad because its so simple on first glance but when you look harder you realise how much precision and skill went into making it.

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