Learning to Fly

There’s less than one week left to pre-order a copy of the Wings of Desire 10-year anniversary book “Learning to Fly”.  The pre-orders are important, as WoD is self-publishing.  This means that in order for the book to go to print they need 500 pre-orders.  Well with 5 days to go, they’re really close to that deadline.  They need less than 10o pre-orders in order to make this happen.  For those that don’t know, Wings of Desire are one of the world’s finest suspension teams.  Over the past 10 years they’ve accomplished incredible things, all of which are detailed in this book.

The book has been a long term project; planned since the very beginning of the Norwegian chapter in suspension history. Helene, our photographer, has been present since Håvve first came out as a Fakir in 1991 and has followed his work for more than two decades. As our official photographer, most of the body suspensions facilitated by Wings of Desire (WoD) can be found in her archives.

Helene’s photographs show more than the beauty of suspended bodies, they also capture the emotion of the moment. There are also a multitude of stories belonging to the people depicted. To give a slight impression of their various feelings and experiences, we have included selected quotes from people who have been suspended by Wings of Desire.

The foreword is written by Håvve’s first mentor, Allen Falkner. The history and philosophy behind WoD practice is put into words by the Norwegian suspension pioneer and creator of WoD, Håvve.

Instead of choosing a publisher, we have decided to publish this book ourselves. We know that we have the experience and ability to make this book a striking visual and emotional testimony—as well as an historical artifact of a decade’s worth of continuous improvement of equipment and technique. What we need is your help to make it happen!

To pre-order, simply visit http://www.ulule.com/wod/ and follow the instructions.  It’s a kickstarter-like website for authors who want to self-publish, and all proceeds from the book are going directly into the production costs.  So help make this book come to life.  Order yours today.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. Any way I can buy a copy without using Facebook? My page keeps loading telling me to log in, I don’t have, nor like, Facebook.

  2. Yes, you definitely don’t need facebook to order! You need to register at ulule, though: Put in your data in all the fields on the right side below where it says “register”, then hit ‘register’. Only after that you’ll be able to proceed.

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