This right here is kind of neat.  Kylie Garth from First Blood in Sydney has laid out the Southern Cross constellation using simple gemmed studs.  Each one on it’s own isn’t that big of a deal, but with the Southern Cross being a pretty important symbol to many Aussies, it makes this little ear project a patriotic piercing.

7 thoughts on “Star-Crossed

  1. The southern cross is strongly associated with racism in Australia, using the symbol would be closer to a confederate flag, than the US flag.

  2. This design was done on a tourist who is working in Australia on a work visa. She wanted a series of piercings to represent her stay in our country, but wouldn’t be easily distinguished as a ‘racism symbol’ (like the southern cross tattoo is).

  3. Wow. Shows how much I know about Aussie racism. I figured it was pretty tame because it’s on both the Aus and NZ flags.

  4. listen ppl this is science , its a formation of stars and yes its on the aus. flag but seriously you PC morons make me sick,
    you have no right to jump on someone for what they choose to do with there bodies

  5. js:
    Chill dude, no one jumped on anyone! Non of the above comments seem at all judgemental. Its a good thing to discuss the meanings and symbolism behind shapes, its interesting and gives people a wider cultural understanding.
    I imagine this is similar to the union jack. Its the flag of a country and a symbol of pride to many, but also has skinhead/BNP/white power connotations. Its good to discuss these things!!

  6. @BoJingles it does have a bit of a white power connotation. It’s fairly well known that australians are pretty racist, albeit in a humorous fashion most of the time. Generally it is used much like the confederate flag in the US, as a symbol for the folk who are bogans – like rednecks – usually lower-lower middle class, often the more racist of the population. To a lot of people over here it’s seen as a symbol for the lower class and troublemakers.

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